More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]


Yeeeeeeeww my Ice Flak will be buffed wiiiiiiiii thx PG :smile:




This is easily the most entertaining thread I have read in the past couple weeks.


@warlord my lvl 310 base is no baby base… it was underpowered because PG screwed up elemental towers AP and this update will finally make it tougher… also I am working on my third obsidian now and will be breeding harbinger tier in 4 months, I may not have the latest and greatest I’m not that far behind. Just the facts sir.


Fact is you’re NOT in endgame. Neither dragon nor tower wise. You’re speaking for a friend and it was HIS lv 400 base what was taken out by others using Hau.

If your friend has a problem with that let HIM speak for himself.

Sorry not keen on second-hand opinions and a friend of a friend said blablabla.

Also use your original thread for the hau rant this is an official announcement thread which has nothing to do with Hauheset.


A reminder to keep this post on topic. This is about the Tower Balance changes, if you would like to continue the “Hauheset OP” discussion, please do so at the previously started thread: It’s time to nerf hauheset or take it entirely elsewhere.


If hau gets nerfed…someone is gonna start a thread about buffing hau just like the 4.00 update :man_facepalming:.

Uh, I was helping a teammate with a lvl 1 hau and she did less than 10% on the 312 base. All abilities unlocked…doesn’t seem OP to me unless there is a skilled pilot.

So what if you got beaten by a 140? Go get revenge. Most people cannot fly hau well and even less know how to dodge mage projectiles (if defended). Stop complaining about hauheset. There are people who spend thousands of hours practicing hauheset just to take down high level bases in war. Look to the other side of the argument. I get that you spend a fortune on your base but come on it’s one sapphire dragon…

Obsidian dragons are NOT end game btw. Jared said it will be significantly more difficult if your dragons are not on the same power level as the base.

So yeah stop whining about hauheset taking out your base on the forums. We saw @XxLeighxX complain about higher levels in sapphire 3 and hauheset May be one way to deal with it. If you still want to propose this to PG, direct message them instead of making a big deal about it on a Buffing Ice Flak or Tower Rebalancing post.


Warlord why flame me what did I do to you? I never said I was at endgame, but having paid as much money as I have to get my base and dragons where they are it is insulting to have sapphire dragons that can defeat endgame bases much less my own base.


So, back to the tower changes…cause y’all can go whine about the handful of people that can “cheat” using Hau somewhere else…

Still no graphs? Pictures (graphs) are worth a million words.


What are your opinions towards the new life time damage system? I think it’s good to consider attack rate, range and damage overall.


That is interesting, going from a DPS rating to a lifetime rating. Pictures will tell the story though :wink:


If the tiers did get divided up, a minimum level limit would be a terrible idea. Why should a player be kept out of a league just becuase of their level? Although I admit your “level suggestions” are probably just hypothetical, there is no need to limit a player just because of a base level, regardless what level they are actually playing on. I get along just fine in a league with players three times my level.


Can I flag all of the Hau discussion? I shouldn’t have to go through almost 50 posts of off topic discussions to reply to this topic thread. Come on people, this is huge they are finally listening to the players and involving players in balancing. Can we clap for pg :clap: I regret not building an ice flak I can’t wait to see the change while flying against it. Nothing else really applies to me yet but this is one step for players and a giant leap for PG!!


You never responded to my answer to your question. Am I to assume your fancy group of advisers to PG is not considering giving a boost to the core towers of this game?


Why would you assume that?

I have advocated multiple times in public for the need to have multiple defense strategies that are viable–not one that is universally good.

The fancy group doesn’t always agree on everything, but there are some key things we do agree on.


Because of what he said when I asked earlier. … go read up.

He asked how he would justify it… implying unlikely since he can’t justify it…


He speaks for himself.


Ok so… are you guys pushing for it?


I could be wrong but assigning what one person says doesn’t make it indicative of an entire group does it? So if I say something and I’m in Diamond I does that mean the whole league feels that way?

If so, then…it’s funny watching Harv hit every island on the map…but ours. Diamond I said it.


What are you talking about? Go away Panda. I asked a legitimate question.