More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]


You just assigned a statement that one person made to an entire group. Logic🙃.

Hopefully that slowed it down enough for you.


He made a statement as part of a group. So I asked for clarification if this was the groups stance…

I actually did the opposite of what you are accusing me. So as I said. Go away


I am arguing for the same kinds of changes I did before. So, yes, I have pushed for the need to revisit “core towers.”

If there is something specific you, or anyone, wants to speak about, I will talk as openly as I can. Start a thread, or PM me.


Thanks Savage. Cheers.


Miscorrelation, he is a member of a group AND he made a statement. They are not inherently tied I would imagine.


No of course not. Hence why I asked…and ever warlord didn’t explicitly say he was against it. Just that he wanted justification for asking for it.


I didn’t say I vote against that. I’m all for this but I also know how the ppl who spent tons of cash on opening gold chests will react in times were all new dragons come with elemental resists which deflate their value and then we come up with a buff to old turrets and this will end in a massive witch hunt.

I am all for having a variety of towers on the base. That’s why I said I know where you’re coming from.


Ya I know… I just wanted to follow up on it. Savage kinda answered for me.


I think if we speak in this topic too much about hau, it will let the important changes be forgotten , for what orginally this thread is.

About Hau some people as warlord, me , told how to defend it with “base design”, if someone is too dazzled to see it… nothing can help.

Well iceflak and towerlevels for tiers will be changed as it seems, or balanced.
Wonder if breeding will be balanced too. Afterall not every dragon is alike, and be able to do similar well…
Lets see :slight_smile:


Just a question but are you allowed to tell us if you’ve been working on the sapphire wall? Or anything that is in need of attention rn?


It is without a DOUBT something I and others will always personally work on and try to help with. So many of the GPF have great ideas and I hope that PG listens and we come to a solution that is helpful to the progression of players.


I can tell that we provided all info we have and we filled pages! It’s up to PG now to flip the switch but of course finding a solution which fits all isn’t easy.

Just putting some thoughts out there.

Increasing the prizes and egg missions without a reasonable scaling will lead to whales maxing stuff even faster and yelling for more and more tiers. So that’s a sensitive case.

Discounting dragons will lead to an uproar by those who RECENTLY paid full prize so it would need to go hand in hand with an egg token compensation.

PG is now in the position to find the RIGHT solution but it’s definitely in the works.


Well Warlord you guys are pointing them in the right direction!
Great job!
PS any hopes on more achievement avatars?


See this is just playing into the mememe syndrome plaguing the game. When PG discounted green egg research permanently I had literally just started the hunter research - the most expensive item in green research. But I didn’t ask for compo - why should I? I was happy paying that price - when the price is reduced that’s just too bad so sad.

We need to get away from the mindset that PG needs to compo everything they do. No they don’t. If it is the right thing to do to implement N-1, then implement N-1. Forget compo. If players are upset, they can look forward to the cheaper breeds that they’ll enjoy going forward. Let’s not continue to perpetuate this idea that we need to have compensation for everything. It needs to stop and I for one will stand against it and I hope the GPF can do that also.


No big deal. Increase egg token payout AND open a special shop where whales can exchange egg tokens for fabulous portaits and other esthetics.
This will satisfy all people and the proper attention the whales deserve.
For example 100k egg tokens for a portrait of a giant white whale.


Hahahhahahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Dilly Dilly!!! It’s about time someone understands the money I’ve put into this game and that players with garnet/sapphire and even emerald dragons should not be able to take out a level 60 base…

And as for Hau I hope he won’t be able to take out a 60 base after this. That would be in line with the way it should be.


Just to be clear, the Gameplay Faction folks aren’t the be-all end-all for feedback. Everyone is welcome to provide feedback. You don’t need to petition Gameplay Faction folks.

They aren’t PG employees, so the term “work” is a bit fraught. The “Sapphire Wall” is something PG staff are looking at. There are upcoming changes and balancing tweaks that will impact things for Sapphire Tier players.


Does it cancel all effects just by being there? Or only with its super shot?


It’s via super shot, not a passive aura like mages.

(Re fyreflie but doesn’t show up)