More Uses for Diamonds

Dear PG,
It would be nice if you give us the option when breeding and fortification to give us the choice of using Diamonds and Rubbies to speed up the process.

We only allowed to use “Just Rubbies”. Those Diamonds just keep building. Well make an option so we can choose.

Please no.
Dilluting main game with Atlas specific resources, while not every team out there have it (or have reasonable chance to get it). Unless non atlas players can do it for free, instead of using diamonds.

If we want to have more uses for Atlas resources, please only do it in Atlas…
Diamonds can still be used in Atlas to buy chests, and speed up troops (I believe can also be used to replace hat / bullhorn, but idk the rate).
As diamonds can be used to buy gold (or paying) and speed up troops, why not allowing it to be used for buy bullhorn directly?


I’m always short on diamonds, using for speeding up token missions, revive troops, etc…


Disagree hell no. We need only more diamonds for Atlas.

I think you can use diamonds to pay to behave like bullhorns. Or at least that’s what was indicated in one of my team’s Line chats :eyes:


2200 diamonds per 1600 new troops built or 8k revived

That’s what, 550 diamonds per bull horn? Something like that


That seems like a similar number that I saw in the Line Chat…


I still wanna know why speeding up gear costs rubies and not diamonds. Seems like a very easy and obvious adjustment.


Because gear exists in main game too :slightly_smiling_face:

I just used up 100k diamonds speeding up infrastructure on my team castles so plenty of uses for them as others have stated.

Not until recently. And even then, you can hardly level up/acquire gear without atlas.

Yes. And allowing to use Diamonds in forge will definitely widen the gap even more.
As I’ve said before, if Atlas player can use diamond in main game, non Atlas player should be able to do it for free.


It makes no sense at all that someone should pay for something that’s free for a non-atlas player? It’s a player’s choice to set themselves back by not having atlas. Plenty of teams out there that have it and don’t have any expectations. I just don’t see why we pay a main game currency for something that was atlas-exclusive for most of its existence and is still truly atlas-exclusive under the guise of being available to everyone.

Yep, and I just don’t see how such Atlas Exclusive feature affects main game a lot, so big that without such feature, competing is insane.
We’re getting strayed…

Well I think you see it but don’t want it to be that way. :joy: People who don’t have atlas have the option to get atlas, they just decide not to because they don’t like atlas, don’t want to merge their team, don’t know it even exists, etc. Atlas isn’t going away, so people can choose to play it or not.

Gear is stupid in the first place. PG made it as a very obvious cash grab and now you can’t even have a dragon or a base without gear because they’ll be useless. But why do I have to pay rubies for them over diamonds? No reason at all, besides the obvious cash factor.

Just stop hoarding them, problem solved. :man_shrugging:


While I don’t like the idea of using diamonds for main game things, i would like to be able to speed up crafting with diamonds.


Making diamonds useful outside of atlas only furthers the gap between those with and without atlas. There are already plenty of things to do with diamonds. Even though I’d like to be about to use them over rubies, making that change would be a very bad idea for the health of the game.


Well sliding the little bar over, basically is like buying bullhorns directly.
Just can’t stash them back if that is what your talking about

You can speed up quests with diamonds. So you can get more eggs or timers :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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