Morta wind gust spell

Hello. I got Morta and did some runs. In the spell details, it’s written as the wind gust spell destroys all the mid air projectiles, but actually it doesn’t.


1 - There is a range of towers that Morta destroys the projectiles from

2 - The projectiles of the towers that are already destroyed are not being affected

Is this intentional? I mean this could be the same with Gryff, but cam’on, it’s clearly written there to destroy all mid air projectiles no matter how much the distance between tower and dragon or if the tower is destroyed. @PGGalileo

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This is working as intended as wing gust is considered a freeze, and therefore has to be in range of towers.


Understood but don’t you think there is something wrong about the spell details? I mean i argued with one of my friends about that the dragon would be good just because that sentence “ALL”. Thank you!


The description is a bit misleading


The spell is a unique description of a freeze spell, unfortunately it’s a bit misleading. Think of this spell simply as a freeze. If you can freeze the tower (ie. the tower is alive still, and in range) then the projectiles will be stopped. Otherwise will not.


Do you think, the dragons would become overpowered if this spell actually does destroy all?

Edit: Sorry if my grammer is bad tough

Well that’s a pretty bad sorcerer if I do say so myself, but their are other ways to make her useful add on spells just like with Equestor

I can understand you fine :slightly_smiling_face:
I do not think it would be OP, the spell description would be true if there was no howitzer. There is plenty of simple fixes one could make to improve the dragon.


Damn i just spent like 10k sigils on this dragon and it’s in the incubator.

Now I see this post and I feel really gyped. I was also hoping for a mage projectile blocker with no if’s or buts. This is clearly bullshit and not as advertised.

The only reason I got this dragon was it’s advertised ability to block all mage supershots with the Wind Gust… with no rage this butterfly thing is DOA. I wasn’t expecting this dragon to hit hard with butterfly but thought it would at least be good punching down a tier a little bit. I doubt it could even do that.

So sick of PG to be honest. This might be the last straw for me if not fixed.

It’s a rehash spell from griff in frostwreath so I thought everyone would know by now


19k here :cry: Honestly i just went for 20 percent extra rss and to create some videos but still

Same spell family with flash freeze, iron wind,…


If it is in a previous dragon, should it be obvious to all of the player-base?

Some just read the descriptions and get the dragon
And this description doesn’t help at all.

Here is a fix:

Destroys all mid air projectiles in range and briefly stuns towers


Freezes towers in range and briefly stuns towers



People bitching about this before the dragon came out, I agree that it’s pg fault for terrible wordings which mislead the players but multiple state this problem with the dragon on the wave 2 discussing for a while now
Still we need to not blindly trust pg and find sufficient information before making any choices cause it’s pg, who even trust them completely if at all

I mean honestly speaking destroying all projectile and freezing towers is the same thing at this point if it’s in the same spell.

This is the same spell (and exact same spell wordings) seen on Gryff most recently before Morta.
Gryff takes that Howi shot to the face every single time. One of the reasons why he is being left behind at whatever tier he is at currently.


Sorry to tell you but the dragon is horrendous.


I appreciate the honesty but nah…

Cloak destroys/disables all mid air projectiles (and beams) but for the sake of argument, wing gust doesn’t destroy all projectiles, it freezes them in range. There is a big difference.


Lmao the sarcasm is strong with this one :slight_smile:

Seriously do i really need to look somewhere else other than the company’s announcement for the dragon’s spell that they created!
You can say this is how WD works ok, but this can’t be something we should advocate clearly.

Yeap, but i am not that sorry about it :sweat_smile: , just another bad legendary you know.

Exactly man, also it is the way where everything sould be fine because as Galileo said there’s only 1% of players hanging in the forums. I wasn’t in the last couple months :man_shrugging:

I really like and use the site that Morreion created, but there shouldn’t be the place where you need additionally to the announcement of the company.

This is what i created the post for :ok_hand: