Most important elements of the game?


I would like to give credit to PG for attempting to open a dialogue with the community to improve the game. Obviously, some progress is better than none…and it’s certainly going to be a challenge to prioritize some of the fixes that are needed. That said…

There are SOOOOOO many aspects to WD, and it makes it so easy to get distracted by small glitches and irritations while fixing larger issues and preserving things that ARE good can get lost in the cracks.

In an effort to help focus the community dialogue in a way that gives us a better voice and gives PG more constructive feedback, I’d like like to ask players two questions:

  1. What are the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF THE GAME? (The things that attracted you to the game in the first place, have kept you playing, and that you enjoy the most)

  2. Reflecting on question 1, what are the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES FACING THE GAME? (Not your wish list, but the bugs/grievances that are directly impacting what you consider to be the most important aspects of the game).


I think it would be better, to use a normal tool for feature requests, where players can up or down vote ideas. That way Pg could always see which had the most votes, and comments would be related to a specific feature/change/fix. Lots of readymade tools for this purpose.

These mega threads are just swamped in info, and impossible to track or request additional info.


Breaking it down simply.

I want a competitive game where I can fly cool dragons and be challenged. I still get those moments of “dear god that looks awesome”. But I also want the game to be balanced. Surt is a perfect example of this. Giant hellfire like dragon with a sword on his head. Has an ability that makes him get so mad he sets the screen on fire and he throws a giant fire sword at towers to kill them!? I cannot tell you how much aesthetically pleasing that is. However balance wise… yeah…

I want to be able to progress smoothly through the game and obtain new content at a reasonable pace. This isn’t about things being easier. It’s the spacing. It’s about content droughts. It’s about actually thinking I might get at least one new dragon a month and not “I’m going to have to grind for 6 months before I can hatch my next”.

I want to have the option or “chance” to unlock anything. This is not the same as unlocking everything. For example, I like the current mythic system as it is reasonable for a smart player to unlock one mythic per season. Sure they can’t do every mythic without paying but that’s fair. But they have a choice of which to get and it actually requires work to do so.

I want events that are enjoyable. I want events where I am at the least relevant as an e2p player.

And lastly. I want there to be a better game/life balance requirement. There are so many quality of life things we could do to make the grind less. Building troops isn’t hard. It’s time consuming. Egg token missions aren’t hard. They are time consuming. Quests aren’t hard. You get the picture. Some of these on their own aren’t bad. Altogether it’s one hell of a shopping list. (I am specifically referring to the chores here). Simple
Things like the raid feature, having gold and “hat regen” be a daily thing so someone can log in and do them all in one burst. They can still use bullhorns to boost this. Hell you could give people an option to do multiple gold runs in one for a penalty. Quests you could give us a weekly list rather than daily. Hell it’ll let us take days off.

And that’s something I’d love to do even if it meant I put a little more work the day before or after. Not have to worry about missing out for a day off


Attacking and Defending. Which haven’t changed in years. Outside of spells towers and dragons.
The most important and neglected area, I feel. is the attack phase. Which hasn’t changed since Day 1. The dragons every turn the same.

It’s so boring it will be the reason I quit if it doesn’t change. Now wars or atlas scrimmages. I enjoy being tactical. It’s the inevitable xp runs, helping others, crazy quests like “join and use a dragon 7-20 times” repeat. Oh monsters for gold and shards.

I offer a solution.
Temporary Easy solution. Leave it the way it is, but. Add the trials like bonuses for using significantly weaker dragons than base. It should be hard and the additional resources should be fair. Maybe 20%. Rule might be you only get the bonus with the 3 daily multipliers per dragon. and not get into
another fixed pattern.

Later. A new flight Plan. Variable speed dragons. Sorcerers that stop for a spell and lunge. Vertical flight pass. Up a mountain, down a waterfall.

And defending should allow an active defender of their own base an option to change 2 towers before scrimmage. As the attacker always has that advantage. Otherwise. all the base belongs to Event Dragons. Typically a capped event drag is going solo 10 levels to 50+ levels is a fair average.
The defended base is a much more fun thing.


Just to be fair, I’ll share my own thoughts.

The Good:

  1. Most fun aspect of the game: Unlocking new dragons and learning how to use their spells to demolish bases.
  2. Next most fun aspects: Doing wars as a team and watching our team rise through the ranks
  3. Close runner up: Satisfaction from watching my base drop attackers, which sadly is rarer and rarer these days

The Bad:

  1. Most frustrating part of the game: The endless lag! It takes 5 minutes to load the game, an additional 2 minutes for all of the graphics to load, an additional 2 minute to load a base before I attack, and another few minutes just to load Atlas…it just adds up. Then add-in the lag that you get from either ATTACKING a defended base or DEFENDING against an attacker and the game just becomes unplayable.
  2. Next most frustrating part: Getting level locked for months at a time sucks. Having to either spend ridiculous amounts of money or grind for MONTHS just to overcome this is infuriating.
  3. Close runner up: The glitches…oh lordy…these glitches. Sync error causing you to have to restart 5 times…certain riders or graphics simply not appearing…players being unable to login at all during wars, spells not working…

My take away is very simple. If we need to temporarily remove certain features because the servers can’t actually support them in real time, then DO IT! For a live PVP game, the server lag destroys player experience. If PG can simply fix the overall mechanics, then a lot of the other issues will be forgiven IMO.


I have a 19.99 droid pay as you go phone with 1/2 gig ram, and it’s not even 1/2 that bad, and on my fastest machine iOS with fiber to the house, it takes 20 seconds to load. Though transitions to atlas could be faster.
War Dragons prefers 2 Gig RAM, and a good graphics chip. It used to be a hard limit at the google play store but they seem to have lifted it since it installed on my droid.

But I can play

Go to settings and reduce all graphics except boats/huts and it will be MUCH better.


Its already on minimal settings, and I already have very fast internet. Life is simply unfair.


Having Fun?

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