Mosterdesert is what?

I just attacked him and his teammate and then he sent this.
He threaten us to use cheating or something unfair strategys.
He has very useful chaeating skills and strategy.
I’d love to see how they will fight.
If Mosterdesert take the cheating strategy, they should be banned.

I honestly dont understand any part of this post or why it was posted in Forums. What is he talking about in that mail and what are you talking about regarding cheating?

what am i missing?


Can’t understand anything either.

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glad im not going crazy then! :slight_smile:


Um … they need some egg nog

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unless they specifically admit that they are cheating, it’s pretty random to accuse someone of cheating.

yeah, their member might be cheating, but accusing because of that message is a bit low.

i dont even understand the message.

yeah, didn’t understand anything either except that OP is accusing the person of cheating.

It’s a continuation of this thread: CHEAT/HACK Kelvin's Flux Issue

Obvious cheating, watch the video.

yeah, that’s obviously cheating, but accusing the person on the screenshot that “He threaten us to use cheating or something unfair strategys.”

because for me, that’s just a normal war talk with another team.

still trying to repro that flux thing so I can send it to CS.

thats quite the flux!

or should i say “WHAT THE FLUX!”


Ooh that helps, but I still don’t understand his threats to “take him off the news”. :thinking:

maybe just repeated attacks. translation error maybe?

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I’m going to appropriate that comment. If anybody objects I’ll take you off the news. :sunglasses:

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nobody will see you again once I take you off the news. :smiling_imp:

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