Motley crew of WD’s veterans recruiting New players with HUGE


…tracks of land! :scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey! We’re a brand new team imagined by a bunch of renegade Diamond and a Sapphire vetrans. We’re been around for about 1 month and are in Platinum 4. We rose so fast we now need to stop and shed some dead weight and recruit some bigger players. All the stuff that is required in every team is required here so let’s not bore one another with that list. I have an itchy boot that collects no dust…onto the important stuff: you must have a very extensive meme collection, a great appreciation for coffee and my girl, MJ, must be a nerd (quit a Dimond I Team once because they confused Princess Leia with Mortger Teresa! I **** you not! No thank you!). Required: thick skin, raging hormones, and a flipping sense of humor. Boys the measuring tape comes out every Saturday so prepare yourself and swing wide! Girls, mine ARE the biggest, sorry, not sorry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, you see, we are a terminal lot but if you have balls (internal or external), a nose for fun, and an appreciation for all that puts the kink in the kinky…you’ll probably fit in nicely. We’re here to love, laugh, and annihilate.

Applications accepted at DragonSpawn40. Abandon all hope s/he who enter here! Muhahahahahaha!!!


I thought AbandonAllHope was a sapphire team. ??


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