Move Swap button please


For those of us with fat-finger syndrome and who use cell phones, how about moving the swap button to the top of the screen? :grin:


No. It’s been discussed before. This is the best place for it, learn to control your stubs :yum:


isnt top of the screen where people tap to attack towers far away from range of tower?


There is no good place for the swap button. :rofl:


Game is evolving!
They make magic happen in that tiny WD screen, if they want to!
That place it is uncomfortable!
Regardless what has been said before about it


Or…you could simply turn it off.

They’ve already made it smaller.

They even moved it, a little.

There is no better place for it. The crazy, overanalyzers went through ALL the scenarios.

Just turn it off if it is a problem for you.


And I’ve been failed to tap it once in a while :sob:
Need to learn more from nimble finger master :eyes:


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I m well evolved many thanks and can control it well too! Not bc its fine for me means i don t feel like there s a better place for it!
Point is ppl with big fingers feel discomfort and desire a better place for that
Bringing this up again is good in my opinion bc what couldn t be done before maybe can be done tomorrow and to just say no its… Not the right attidute to try improve things!
All researches and work done before is very very appreciated of course!
Also for these with a respected status next to their names would be nice not to influence and dont take sides!
Wd employees explain things to us! They don t just say no!
I thought this is a forum where players meet to discuss


Flying by nose I turn swap off so I imaging stumpy fingers should do the same
The doctor


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I m right with u
I red so much
I know exactly what u r talking about


Ask PGCrisis for a title as she is the Queen…


Ooo I wanna be “the jester” :joy:


As mentioned this has been discussed at great lengths

Please try using the search function, like almost every website ever it’s the button that looks like a magnifying glass.

The button is absolutely in the best possible place, if you find yourself hitting it accidentally too often for your comfort try turning it off in the game settings, that’s also commonly recognized as the gear icon.


Give us a better place for it. We will discuss if you really want to dive into it yet again.

Elaborate on discomfort and how ergonomically a different place will make this easier to access while providing adequate functions in game.

We say no because we have discussed this at length multiple times before.
Read this before saying that we don’t have the correct attitude. Our attitude is that we don’t want players who have put zero thought into it trying to influence the game developers into making a ridiculous change

Read the links above. They can be found by using the search function and typing in swap button, the two key words the same as this post.

We will certain influence. We have been around here. We have seen this discussed. We have discussed it personally. So just because something is new to you doesn’t mean it should automatically be considered by the developers.

You are obviously new around here. Employees typically have “PG” in their name, and they very seldom come into these threads to explain WHY things are the way they are. The community provides other players with the explanations, what has been discussed, as well as pro’s and con’s of decisions.

We have discussed. You just haven’t done your research about the topic.

Care for any more??


how about you shake your phone to swap lol


Then what happens when (not if) I drop my phone on my face because Im falling asleep playing in bed?

What happens to the guy with Parkinson’s? Does he just suffer as an instant swap lead?



That is uncalled for :exploding_head:


Oh,actually I haven’t know that it’s a thing,till I tryed fly Sorcerers when farming chests on Invader
I swapped few times near monument just before the bridge
Because you trying to kill it and your finger will go close to swap button
Also,I swapped with sorcerer in atlas attack :neutral_face:(no idea how it happened)

All I can recommend,is do what Jonesy said .
Simply turn it off before attack start