Move Swap button please


To be fair, it’s in a pretty crappy spot for noc and hau runs when U need to sand/vines the back left or right on a right hand turn. I’ve hit it a couple times :see_no_evil:

But yes no good spots for it really.


It’s called a joke. Mech makes those when people are being especially foolish (I have firsthand experience)


It’s clear you don’t know just how much good they’ve done for other players or you’d be begging them to take sides. If more than one Repected player is telling you you’re wrong, you are wrong.


Everyone with a title has been here long enough to become quite jaded with the forums. I’m trying to get over it and be more positive. :grin:


Respected badge means literally nothing
My alt can get it in a few weeks
It’s more like few ppl are more clever then others in game questions
But it has nothing to do with any badges or factions membership


Dari is right


I think if they will make it like this :arrows_counterclockwise: in top right corner it won’t hurt anyone,but will make flying more comfortable and killing monuments easier
There is literally 0 chance to spoil run in this way
Maybe it’s also depends of device,which ppl using.
In playing on iPhone,so maybe that’s the problem
I can’t say that it happened too often,but I did it at least 2-4 times
Once my kid been having fun on Invader and she literally can’t fly,because she swapped all dragons :joy_cat:


She never died on a ballista base tho #kidisbestflyerinfamily


You can’t put it in the upper right hand corner because that is where health and hunter ammo are. Click the link mech posted - I think there are pictures there to illustrate why the swap button is where it is and the only places it could be moved.


Ballistas are amazing! You should also get one,so your base will get us more def points in war,then mine tiny base😁


There isn’t really a good location to move it to, but I suppose it could always just have a confirm option. Then at least a single careless tap or swipe wouldn’t screw things up - you’d have to hit it repeatedly. Which might not really solve things for hunters, but would at least cut down on accidental swapping on sorcerers and warriors.


You can’t accidentally tap it on warriors or sorcerers. If you so then you really don’t seem to be playing the majority of the class correctly


Meant the people that are actually respected. Not the badge. For example, when Mechegg tells me I’m wrong I’m wrong. I agree that wit is the best way to the badge, not intelligence.


I wonder how one can perform that


that spot on top right will kill my already weak hau skills on island 3 :sob:
this spot i can work around it a bit because its thin and sleek.
Well, i fly on iPad so it maybe different for you .



Stupid is as stupid does :man_shrugging:


I gave up being nice a few weeks back.

I’m calling a spade a spade now.


THIS is what comes of provoking one of the Forum Lords. Can you breathe under that pile?


On sorcs is possible depending on your device. As you can swipe off the screen then swipe back on in a single motion. Game treats it like a click due to the break in swipe. Obviously speaking from personal experience :see_no_evil:

Damm those boats! :joy:


Behold! The solution to the problem!