Move Swap button please


I am in the lucky situation where my phone is somewhat slimmer - therefore the landscape screen became wider. I have an LG G7. The swap button is so far on the right that it can’t be a bother. :slight_smile:

However until late summer I tapped it a few times (mostly with hunters and seldom warriors as well) on my tablet. :blush:


Ugh, please no. During that “confirm” your drag is taking more damage because normally when you accidently hit that swap you are already trying sneak in a shot at the right moment.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:There you go, give it a try. Definitely be interesting, I just wouldn’t experiment with one of those on a War run.:grin:



Ending your break?

on topic (@KAPSTUN)
Do you want it more accessible, or less?
If less, just disable it.
If more, tap it with your thumb :grin:


There is no good place for the swap button, where it is is fine because if it gets there is a 100% chance people would still complain about it and about an 95% chance of it getting put in a worse place. So just learn to deal with it. Don’t move the swap button.


Hahaha good then you wont mine being called an asshole :joy:

Spade is a spade after all :grin::joy:


Just disabble you Swap Button in Settinh Menu if that button bother you


My saying is my saying and my right
Anyone telling me i m wrong… What about when cell phone ddn t exist n now we all have one and back then thick ppl would say Noooooooo we already discussed this, plus i ve got a badge and my social class is higher then yours and i never seen u before! Cells will never exist! Whybdon t u accept u r wrong!
Ok i m wrong to be in a discriminational close minded obsessed self proclame bullying place!
And even more wrong to answer to this balloney
You can have this all for u! At least there s a virtual spot in your life where u can dictate ove democratic freedom of espression
I should n be asked if i m evoled or not
I shouldn be told if i m wrong or write
My unsided espression shouldn t be deconstructed to be analised out of context
I ddn t judged anyone but i get labled
If all this is allowed on this forum u can keep it for u
And i don t wanna say where i d place that swap botton lol


Wall. Of. Text.


Simply: the only way to move the swap button would be to completely redesign the entire attack screen. I’ve actually spent a lot of time proving this. Where is your foundation of information other that just a bit of a whining.


You seriously still going in about this? Prove that you aren’t doing something besides just bitching and complaining. Prove that you have put more than 10 seconds of thought into it. Prove yourself; because currently your level of incompetence astounds me


Also please, use punctuation and grammar.


Since I’ve started WD I think I’ve hit the swap button just once (and I remember thinking “what the f… happened”)
Train you fingers fine movements buddy, the button is OK there


Isn’t this a little overly dramatic?

  1. By “evolve” I’m pretty sure he meant adapt and change to overcome.
  2. The nature of open discussion involves disagreement and, unfortunately for you, being told that you’re wrong occasionally.
  3. Intelligent discussion also involves breaking down each others arguments.

Maybe calm down and learn how to discuss something in an open forum intelligently or, alternatively, just don’t and then your feelings won’t be hurt by someone disagreeing with you.


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I m with u
There are surely better way to espress opinions
I can say left instead of right just witout calling ppl out


Unfortunately, unless someone provides a suggestion for total layout change for attack screen, this suggestion cannot continue in a positive direction.


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