Move the swap button

Please move the swap button.


No. It has been moved and made smaller. It is 100000000000000000xs better than it was a few months ago. Trust me.

If it is still in your way, you can turn it off in settings.


They need to let us move it where the player wants. Everyone is different. Or in a corner not in firing chest tower zone. It is STILL an issue. TIA
Also turning off swap button helps none at all when youre doing xp runs yall it is NOT an answer duhhh

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Why would you move it? Because you accidentally press it - if so, learn where it is and stop pressing it. I rarely press it on accident even when I am severely intoxicated. There is no better spot for many, many reasons. Each corner is a poor spot either for hitting monuments or because other stuff is there (like health, ammo, chat, the room participants, etc).

Edit: I will go take screenshots to show you.


If it is THAT much of a problem, turn it off when doing regular runs, turn it on when doing Xp runs, just remember to lose one :wink:

Seriously though, try searching the forums, several players have done some DEEP analyses of a “better” place for it, there isn’t one.

edit, or wait for Red’s screenshots :joy:

Let’s start here and agree on the boxes formed. We can’t use the top and the bottom of the screen due to attacking. Can’t use the left side of the screen due to spells and rage bar. That leaves the right side of the screen excluding the bottom and top portions.

Now let’s talk monuments.

All monuments on the right side go directly under the swap button so they can be hit at all times until they are off screen. Moving the swap up slightly wouldn’t hurt but it wouldn’t make much of a difference and the chances of interfearing with attacking increases. Moving it down would interfere with the monuments.


fly better :man_shrugging: I cant even remember the last time I hit swap by accident… practise, practise, practise. like red stated above, doesn’t matter where you move it, you are still going to hit it by accident if you don’t practice flying


The current config swap button is so close to ideal that it does not really need to move. Ever since they last changed it, I have never ever hit it by accident again, when it used to be a regular occurrence. Now, there is absolutely 0 difficulty with firing around it.


I just removed it and put it back if needed and then removed it again. I hit it all the time

I think I’ve only hit the swap button on accident once. It’s fine were it is there’s not that many other places to put it

Turning it off is a BAD idea. But you can do it!

Don’t drink and fly red :rofl:

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Are you…are you telling me to stop playing war dragons? That’s how I usually fly! :joy:


I may have hit it a few times :see_no_evil: but I don’t see how it would get hit under normal circumstances

The coding required to allow players to move buttons around would likely break the game beyond repair (it already has enough problems). So let’s leave it right where it is


Put it in the same location as the Quit button. Scooch the stuff over if needed.

The layout of the defending screen is very different from the layout of the attacking screen. Where the quit button is there is where the battle room chat is for attacking (as seen in my screenshot above).

I saw. That why I said scooch …

So put it right under the spells that everyone clicks constantly during attacks?

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:thinking:. True. That might be a problem