Moving is so awkward now

Why can’t we move troops back and forth between Prim and barracks? It’s a real pain in the ass when portals are always out of energy now. It makes it difficult to navigate, and as such, it makes me not even want to deal with it. Was that the intended consequence?



I agree this really makes no sense. It overloads portals or puts players without portals at a huge risk if they dare to travel into a blockade to battle.

Many players loaded their primarchs with troops for the expansion and since it was a desaster for many and troop losses didn’t count, many are still left with tons of troops on their primarchs.

Another reason is when players have let’s say a Taunter and Rusher and they want to bring in their Sieger, this is not possible if the Sieger can’t hold that many troops (or it wastes troops I was told).

Or when players want to switch teams or get kicked, their primarchs will be wiped instead of being able to store the troops.

There is literally no reason to force us to keep troops on primarchs…
oh well other than PG wanting us to waste them.

Please let us transfer them back into the barracks, they are tired and need some rest!

But you can load up your primes from anywhere now… so if they allowed you to unload them the whole point of needing energy for the portal would be gone…

Remember, they want to kill portals entirely… what easier way than to make it where you can’t even use them? Makes it so when they cut them, you won’t miss them

Why? It was exactly like this for as long as I can remember.
Are you saying it never made sense?
Because it worked out very well until now.

I assume to force you to use them. Look at the general movement. You have a fairly expensive consumable and it forces you to burn them faster now:

  1. you cannot build them faster, the tower buff is a god damn joke. You are still hamstrung by the hat regen rate
  2. seasons are measured by a leveling mechanic in glory, so that burns troops
  3. the amount needed to finish just ONE line is more than most of the game has
  4. the demand for gold has gotten more and more. Yet the buff for it has actually been reduced.

Basically they’re doing everything they possibly can to make you use said expensive consumable as much as possible

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