Moving perches on base

With riders from perches now only covering certain areas it’ll become crucial to move the rider along with the perch to a different spot. But unlike with any other tower we all know that this is not possible.
So everyone who started building building seagazer perch for strategic reasons will now have to build riverwatch perch totally new. That’ll take more than 2 years worth of speeds.
That’s a bitter pill to swallow for many players at level 250 and higher. Again we have to face a change in gameplay that literally comes from outta nowhere.
I’m probably not the only one who will be not amused.
PG please allow perches to be moved from one spot to the other. With all the unexpected changes you’re making we will need to be flexible in base building, especially with perches and their connected defense riders. Thank you!


Where would you like to move your Perch 1?

Need to cover middle island (4 & 5) where main towers are stationed. It was not efficient on this kind of layout to have a dragon mounted on riverwatch perch (island 6) because every lead attacker leaves it behind for backup to gain rage. Dragon with rider currently sits on seagazer perch (island 3) and needs to be moved for the reasons as stated above to island 6. For the rider equipment to be applied in full you currently need a level 30 perch at least.

The perch changes are really messing up those bases that were designed with the statements PG made before.
I lost 50m base power over night due to defense rider not covering my towers anymore. In order to get there again I have to build a second perch I really don’t want to have. Defense rider buffs only apply when perch is leveled to 30. I wouldn’t mind moving the first perch to where it is now. But as stated above this is not possible.
Again I’m asking for letting perches to be rearranged. PG is making more and more random and unexpected changes to base (let’s think of the recent three times tower rebalancing quick) where a sincere base builder has no possibilities to adjust during a decent amount of time.

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