Moving to the long middle island

Hi, I‘d like to move my base to the middle long island and would be happy to get some suggestions.

I‘m thinking about:

  1. Howie, Pylon, Earth, Ice and Dark (the strong towers) to the back
  2. red and blue mage, Dark, Fire and Ice on the front
  3. red and blue mages and the Lightning towers on the perch island
  4. on which perch island should be the stronger dragon?

Borderline confused at what you said.
A 15 tower kill without being endgame is a bad idea, it can still be hard to upkeep at endgame. I do not recommend having a lot of flaks in the back half of a long kill. Instead I’d say to have Lightning’s on island 4 instead will be deadly imagine Odin’s base with where the flaks and Lightning’s are.


Ok, thanks, i‘ll check that

Dark there ain’t a good idea, neither earth IMO. Long range here is better, lighting are always good.

Here your earth would go better instead of FF.

Leftovers lol

In the perch that’s better protected aka with most higher level towers. That way it attacks more while dealing with the towers


Thanks, so I think I‘ll wait a bit until the lightnings are leveled higher and some others, too

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Just a quick note here:

You can still have a mid long without 10 maxed towers!

But be sure to focus on 5(should be maxed for ur level)

Check out my base for reference:)

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Will do that, thanks

I wanna append some questions to this for a 4-5 kill island:

  • 4 mage towers or 2?
  • Which flaks are short range/should go in front and which are long range/should go in back?
  • Pylon or flak?
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DF is super short range, Earth can go wherever but reccomend in front. Ice is super longer range, electro is same as FF and Earth is moderate.

I’m not good with explaining but this is my base post fort

The front of the second perch build a mage drain and keep farms and mills and a secondary defense tower at your previous perch location
Edit: I didn’t crop the first image very well but it’s fine

There is more than one right way too make a long short kill base this is just way more expensive if you build flaks at the back for more damage I’d say wait until your very high level too make extra flaks on the back of a long kill island or 2 additional kills being the most expensive way of defense I have yet too attempt this

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Don’t you have low mage coverage?

This honestly makes it more confusing

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Was in a hurry.
Dark flak is short range so needs to go in front.
Electro, Earth, and fire all same range or close. However I reccomend Earth in front so shield can go up faster.
Ice flak has a very long range and can go in the back

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Keep in mind the ice flak super shot has a medium range (comparable to the fire flak IIRC).

Not exactly true really.
A back IF will super shot on its 2nd shit if there are towers In front if it, but if you have nothing in front it shoots fast.
In this case it will be a slower SS. I for one like it as it allows them to spam rage and then IF murders them

I beat ur base with hau, took multiple tries but yeah!

Have a blue mage in your front island:)

Hau is t a big threat,
You gotta worry more so about atlas
You farmed me with Hauheset and still didn’t take my gold
I’ve had Hau beat me before and it’s by some good hau flyers


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