Moving Tower Runes- Does Leveling Carry Over?

I have an expert Legendary Rune on an island but I’d like to move it to a different island. If I pay the rubies to unequip it from the island it is on, am I going to have to use rune dust to level it back up to expert status once I move it to the new island or does it retain its expert status??

Sorry if this is written someplace else, I couldn’t find it.

It keeps its expert status :slight_smile:

Just waaaay more expensive to move now vs a level 1 :joy:

Ok, great! Thanks for your help…
Didn’t make sense to pay to move it otherwise (since I have duplicate runes), but I wanted to make sure!!

I’m pretty sure it’s the same cost to move an experted vs a level one :thinking: The change in costs comes from the class of rune (common, rare, epic, etc.).
Edit: confirmed, epic’s cost 250 to move whether experted or level 1, legendaries are 600, same deal.

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I checked it, its the same price irrespective of level! Too lazy to post pics though :wink:
Edit: Lol I was first :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah haha ok sorry got it wrong! :joy:

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