Mr. and Mrs. Neox Portraits Arrive in time for Halloween

As the feasts and the wars between the living and the dead carry on, the long nights of Souldance Season remain. The gatekeepers of the realms of the souls and living have opened the celestial plane, and Mr. and Ms. Neox have now entered our world.

Starting on Wednesday, October 28th through Tuesday, November 10th , you’ll be able to claim free bonus prizes and a Spooky Pumpkin each day from the Spooky Pumpkin branch!

For each of the twelve days, prizes will reset at 6pm PDT.

Example: Pumpkins will be available alongside the event launch, 28th of October at 2pm PT. The following day, October 29th, at 6pm PT, they’ll reset; and so on.

Additionally , the prizes listed below will be available alongside the possible 13 total Spooky Pumpkins:

Depending on how many Spooky Pumpkins you claim, an exclusive Mr. and Ms. Neox portraits await you!

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