Much bigger player farming me

Anybody know who to contact about farming? xxxGOPNIKxxx from AncientBlood hit me 7 times in 15 minutes. Hes a 269 and i am a 139
He hit first and i tried to revenge to see what i could do. He d3ended hard and the. Hit me 6 more times
Any help would be appreciated

That large a player should not be really doing anything in terms of resources.

  1. Ignore
  2. Ask politely for the player to stop
  3. Find someone bigger

Other than your base being destroyed it really does nothing

if he is defending hard it’s fun to let them waste their hammers lol

but just ignore him generally works the best. he will get bored soon.

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I don’t get people about “wasting hammers” :joy: 1k of them+ on this acct and it’s a tiny spending lvl 85

In highly competitive leagues, people rip through 300+ hammers a war.

Ahh, defence every single attack etc, I see.

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You must not defend much. Always a shortage here

Might have lost some egg mission bases.

I normally try to hit different targets when I get the (destroy 9 FIRE flaks) mission but sometimes I see someone with 5 fire flaks and hit him 2 times. Same for archers etc.

You should add Missionbase (no team), Nanodoc and Microdoc (from xpfarms team) to your bookmarks for mission. They are lv 85 or so and only lv 1 towers :wink:

Do they have FIRE flaks? :eyes:

Nanodoc has 5 fire flak, Missionbase 3

Positive on nano negative on micro

I meant Missionbase sorry lol messed up

How can we help you?
By attack him? Farm him? Because he farmed you?
Seem legit?
You got your ass beaten by a stranger, then you ask other strangers to help or give advise?
The most girly solution is to ask mother “PG” to ban him from attacking you.

Sounds like he was trying to “teach you a lesson” and/or prove that his was bigger than yours. Some people take this game much too seriously.

Let him think he won, and just let it go.

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