MudderPluckers Recruitment


Mudder pluckers are recruiting

Loyalty is key, time wasters go elsewhere, freeloaders get booted, join us if you can follow our simple rules below.

Leaders are:


Leadership will cut any team member they deem not fit for the team , without discussion unless the leadership feel the person warrants a chat message first.


1, all wars are compulsory 5 flames required (ask for back up) 2 missed wars without admin knowledge results in the boot.

2, no drama or bullshit allowed in the team

3, events are compulsory except breeding and fortification events but all members are required to get some points in all events, zero points are not acceptable

Please use the Rss request room so as to keep team chat clear for war attacks and other stuff.

These rules are subject to change at anytime


Say hi to Nethenos! Oh never mind, I’ll just do a futile fly-by, works every time!

You guys have one of the best team names in the game, btw.


Thanks we like it :ghost:


Standard disclaimer: this is not an endorsement.


Lol I wish it meant something like that, :rofl:


I totally want to do the tough mudders boot camp.


I’m actually a two-time Tough Mudder :slight_smile:. It’s really fun with a group of friends. Builds teamwork.


Okay that’s it. I’m doing it. Thanks for sharing the link.


This is an awesome team to be a part of. Everyone is willing to help each other out. Been with them for over a year and can’t imagine going to any other team.


We are a Platinum 1 team at the moment. We would like a few dedicated people that will participate in wars to help get us back to Sapphire league.


Looking to replace some alts and some none war participated, mail me here or in game please


@PGEggToken I’ve done 4 tough mudders, awesome event & raises money for a good cause too.


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