Multi-elemental dragons

I was thinking it would be cool to have dual elemental dragons.

Maybe but knowing pg they will add new towers in and say they are working on it

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I want an Avatar dragon. :smirk:


What would be the purpose though? Element really only matters when it comes to rider gear and war debuffs.
For gear either it would allow us to use gear of either of those elements and thus not need as many specific element sets, which wouldnt be beneficial for PG. Or we would now need to craft dual element sets like Burning Earth or Dark Winds armor which definitely wouldnt be good for us

For war debuffs it would mean multi-element dragons would get hit by the debuffs more (not that there are that many wars anymore)

May be compatible with different gear sets
Gives element bonuses on two different islands in TR

Affected by two different totems
Affected by 2/5 possible elemental debuffs during war
Above debuffs possibly stack

Seems pretty balanced but, while it’s not game-breaking, it’s not necessarily a big improvement to QoL either.

They can neatly file it away in the “ideas for when we run out of ideas” folder.

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