Multi-headed dragons = multiple breath weapons

I know this idea has come up once or twice before, including the youtube stream yesterday, and it might be quite technically challenging to implement, but…

I would really really love to see a multi-headed warrior that can emit more than one stream of fire, one per head, graphically coming from each head. Imagine flying your favorite warrior, using two - TWO!- fingers at the same time, heads swiveling independently like the eyes of a deranged old world chameleon, hitting two non-adjacent targets at once.

For game balance purposes, I imagine each stream would have to do half the damage a single stream dragon would do, but the streams could be combined on the same target using two fingers close together, or a single finger like current warriors. Kinda like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters. lol.

Hunters already have multi-shot capability limited only by shot energy and the number of fingers a player can bring to bear, so there really isn’t any reason to change there.

Sorcerers could in theory target with two simultaneous finger swipes I suppose, but as with warriors would likely have to be balanced by decreased damage per shot to make up for the increase in total number of shots/sec.

edit: proofreading fail. corrected.


Chameleon eyes, for those unfamiliar with them

Having them go in multiple directions would be similar to a sorcerer. What if there was two streams but they both hit the same target?


I actually want the other way around where sorcerer can triple the damage if only one tower is locked on


Three! See Ferrox and Ith…

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He is not talking about heads only… Heads firing flames as well independently

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Would be neat to fly a warrior with that option, cool idea. Downside would be that that warrior would be super weak. Lowering your dps per target while increasing the number of targets is a sure fire way to die real quick.


The difference from a sorcerer would be that you can control exactly what towers were hit vs a sorcerer’s ‘in the area of the swipe’ semi-random targeting.

Surgical precision ftw.

Agreed. That would be part of the ‘skill’ involved in flying such a warrior - when to focus, when to diverge - you can focus on one tower with all streams then break one off when the tower is about to die to start damaging the next.

Add in things like a damage boost spell, or Nollaig’s freezing breath… sign me up.

This idea! I just recently hatched Ferrox and I love his three heads, but he’s such a boring, weak dragon to fly. An idea like this would at least make him fun to fly!

And really, that’s what this idea is about.

Not a path to OP dragons - although I certainly won’t complain if they are - but rather a novel way to add some variety and fun at the most basic level of game play.


I love the idea!!

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