Multi level tower leveling

It would be nice if you could level a tower multiple levels at a time at a higher price of timers. And before everyone starts picking my idea apart saying “ what about storage hut cap and all that”. My idea is make multi leveling possible as long as it doesn’t max out on lumber cap. So from like lvl 100 and lower and it’ll add up all the time it would take to lvl that tower to normally. This would eliminate a of lot clicking when trying to get a low level tower to merging levels.


So….you want to pay more timers……to do more towers at one time? Is hitting apply multiple too hard? Plus, you can only hold so much wood at a time……

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I don’t know about using more timers. Maybe if it just looked at your available resources and told you how many levels you can upgrade.


Minus the increased timer costs, cause that’s just stupid, this would benefit everyone so it has 0% chance of being implemented.


I’m not talking about more towers at a time I’m talking more levels at once for a single tower

so how would this work i hold 2.7m wood my lightning costs 2.2m

This would probably mostly benefit if you were starting a new tower and didn’t want to manually upgrade it by hitting the button a million times.


he probably meant making a new tower like lvl 20 from level 1 with one click.Lazy idea.I like it.


I don’t think it was about speeding multiple levels… just building. It would be nice to build a level from say level 1 to level 50 with the push of one button then I could just push it once and wait and let it build between fort events. It’s not a huge QOL improvement but it is one I would appreciate.


I think it’s more for when starting a new tower…

I constantly build towers between events for future merging and/or for when I want to add an island. I can see the benefit for this suggestion even though it won’t be THAT helpful.


Just like auto and instant breed aren’t helpful.

This idea is more akin to auto breed as it removes the need for hundreds of unnecessary clicks.

Increasing storage hut cap would go a long way to QOL changes too, cause again too many unnecessary clicks in both building and leveling dragons

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But they said at the cost of more timers, so I don’t think that’s what they meant Mike. Your idea makes more sense lol

So I was going to rip apart the idea of costing more timers, then thought about it a tiny bit, and I would be okay with it costing 1 minute for every 10 levels or so as that is roughly double the amount of time I would waste on clicks.

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Perhaps…. I took it to mean proportionally more…

I see no need for it to cost more… it should be a QOL addition, nothing more.

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If we wanna talk about QoL improvement, let us decide what timers we want to use in apply multiple. Often I want to use the mass loads of 15 min timers I have on things like hatching a dragon.

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Ummm okay… why?

Logically speaking it makes sense to use the big ones first so in times where you need to be more precise you have the little ones you need… and the current set up does it that way so I don’t see an issue.

That said it would be nice to have a tab that showed up the grand total of timers we currently have.

Idk I like using big timers for builds lol.

We already have Instant Breed, now let’s make Instant Build :grinning:


Cool idea…probably requires a slider of some sort too, as we may want to control the number of levels to upgrade.

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