Multiple Options in Atlas Lines

Can we please get other options in the atlas lines?
Myself and a lot of others, don’t need crafting scrolls, or red/blue rider shards. Can we have options we can pick for those prizes?

Also chests? Will red/blue shards be removed, since you guys won’t be making more atlas riders?
Maybe for chests, we can have it like it is for the festive dragons? When you have “enough” you stop getting them? I just hit a million crafting scrolls. Would love to give them to someone who can use them :rofl:


what did you have in mind? there’s usually some filler in the atlas chests, I feel like it could be unfair to put timers or something good instead of scrolls/shards/whatever.

Yeah Lathra, you’re right.

Maybe as you said having multiples options boxes giving the shards for the beginners and giving choices for those who have nothing to get anymore.

That would be a great idea !

Was thinking bull horns, gold packs, egg tokens, maybe some of those fancy prim speedups that we all run out of the first day we have atlas.

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There are plenty of players that haven’t gotten all the available atlas riders let alone leveled to expert with the ones they do have. So I would be opposed to doing away with the Rider line , teh blue and red rider shards, and scrolls.

I’m not saying do away, but give more options.

Yall feel free to give my small your scrolls. I got like 30k 😮‍💨

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You’re fault for not playing atlas for 8 months. Slacker :wink:

It’s a simple long standing request for prize claim flexibility and it’s been asked for forever and thorough out the entire game for years :man_shrugging:
Atlas is no different we need flexibility in what we claim but if they did that we wouldn’t need to spend as much so I don’t expect to ever see any real useful flexibility added to prize claiming any time soon.
It’s funny they can’t provide flexibility but they sure as hell can add another currency……

How dare they not give us every prize in a line that we want! Damn PG those unfair swines

Options would certainly be nice. I die a little inside every time I have spend sigils or badges on more crafting scrolls, red rider shards and even mission stars. Adding in some 2m gold packs would be nice, at least they would be useable instead of yet another rss we will never be able to run out of as it is.

I do really wish there was a way we could donate our excess scrolls and rider shards into some kind of community pool. It does make me sad to hear some players don’t have any while many of use are sitting on well over 1m scrolls that we have no use for

It would also be nice if we had an actual use for all these rider mission stars. Like how about one or two bonus missions that you can only do with stars in addition to the 3 we do with riders. A lot of the Atlas rss are quite outdated and fairly useless to anyone who has been playing atlas for a while.

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Pick me!

and what? no more atlas riders?

Soo… ghosts are real. :flushed:

They stopped making new atlas riders. So what’s there now is all you can get. :unamused:

what about 100% and 200% xp boost in draconic chest i am getting more than i could ever use it all and 100% boost its been sitting there forever :expressionless:

Every prize should have a choice node option that says “type in what you want” and we can just get exactly what we want every prize.

now thats a dream

I consider those kinda like healing potions, a filler prize there has to be some filler prizes around.
But for the red/blue rider shards, and crafting scrolls, there’s a whole line dedicated to the shards, they are in all the event prizes, and they take up a bunch of spots in chest drops.
Crafting scrolls are similar, and you can also get them in the regular season lines, and rider missions.

So yeah more nodes in lines would be nice to give us more options, and for chests after you have enough maybe it could drop a different prize similar to festive shards.

Why not just add a mechanic to use scrolls to transform gear?

i have 400k+ scroll, elite gear sword,shied cost 400 scroll, ring cost 150 i believe and rest cost only 25 right.
how do we get scrolls?_ every event there is scrolls in prizes, season branche 1k,2k,3k4k that too in multiple branch (at late branch 4k scrolls cost like 9k badges)
my point is im getting way too much scrolls than i can spend i hardly craft gear these days because i already have gear i needed.
so why not reduce the scroll amount we get from branch or prizes and add something we use regularly like healing,hammer, powder, and offcourse eggs/timers.
and i would love to get rid of 100% boost in draconic chest and replace it with 200%, i believe no one use those 100%

here is the ss u can guess which one is 100% and 200% this will stock up same as Scrolls