My Account Ban is Ridiculous

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The 2039 ban is pretty much just a perm ban.
Consider asking support and seeing if they know why, and check the TOS to see if you broke any of the rules.


Best bet is open a ticket. These threads never go well on the forum. :see_no_evil:


I did no response :cry:

I’ve tried no response from them :cry:

Your account was banned because some people were playing on the account that Storm gave you.

Off topic - I came in with a whole argument prepared in case the OP was Prince. :laughing:


They weren’t banned for it js. I was

Was your account the one that was shared?

Yes one of them was but i was the one banned not them.

Why did you give them the login info? I’m assuming that’s how they got onto your account.

That’s how the cookie crumbles.
I don’t understand the reasoning behind the rule, but that’s why. You know why you were banned, even if it feels unfair.


But the ban was set to 11/18 then increased makes so dang sense. Oh well if PG wants me gone I’ll gladly leave.

I would guess the initial ban was to give them time to investigate the issue. Once they figured out you were account sharing that’s a permapan.


:man_shrugging: Idk this is just my reminder that Pg is unfair i was just letting them fly a dragon and then told them to get off because this breaks the rules. They didn’t listen so why am I punished for it. It is what it is.

Yeah don’t do that. It’s against the rules. :crazy_face:


Too late for that lmao

Looks like they gave you a shorter ban to do some investigation. When they found out, to their satisfaction, a rule was violated - PG then gave you the appropriate punishment.

This isn’t a new procedure companies use.


2039 doesn’t seem reasonable to me tho :laughing:

If you share account you got ban
I think this is obvious for everyone rn


It’s not up to you how long you get banned. Sorry dude.