My account has been hacked

I just tried logging on to game and find out my account has been hacked and given away to someone else. Received an email showing my new email info. What the hell? How’s does PG so easily give my account to someone who claims it’s me. He’s changed his name 15 times, so far. My team is tracking him. He has now joined a team in Platinum. I have sent a message to support and still no reply. If they aren’t going to reply, they could at least freeze the account until it gets resolved. Don’t know what else to do.


File a support ticket with (if you haven’t already) and if you have spent anything, send them receipts.

I have…waiting to hear from them :cry::cry:

Support ticket volume is very high right now. Be patient, even though that sucks.

Pg won’t just change your account info. The person who is hacking your account had to have the original pocket ID and the original email address for them to change it. Is it possible that a friend may have told you you can have the account and is now trying to take it back? Or have you shared your pocket ID with anybody?

Why should PG give an exist account to someone else?

Please dont take me wrong, but I am playing this game for a long time. And also seen people who sell their accounts, and after a time, they say their account are hacked and they want it back. So please be patient, and just wait for PG to answere your ticket. They Need to check everything on that account, to see that you are the real owner.

Might want to post your ticket number so we can review.


Friend gave me account but went through PG to change ownership the right way. To ensure something like this wouldn’t happen.

It’s probably your friend trying to take the account back then. You need to reach out to PG support or post your ticket number like PGJared said so they can review. Hope you get your account back.

Original was 5PVACY97NB but think it’s upgraded to 990518 account was Kymboslyce on team Savagetakeover. I have screenshots of all my purchases from this week. Just waiting to send info to whoever replies to email strong text

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This is my Leader Kym / STO Diamond…

Damn Kimmy, lemme know if I can help!

Thank you … just really upset :cry:

This isn’t going to end well. They should never allow account transfers :man_shrugging:

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scary to think this can happen …level 384 you must of spent a small fortune Kym!!

I’d like to see it resolved and thus restoring my and others confidence in PG before spending again just to know they can rectify this if such a horrid thing were to happen to myself or others.

Following this thread and making others aware of your plight in Line/Facebook

Best wishes

-Wizzy :blush:

PG, now this is just plain sad and unacceptable :expressionless:. If it’s that easy to hack and steal someone else account then it should be just as easy for you PG to give it back to her. You see what’s going on but it’s taking this long to correct this issue. I’m a loyal player who by the way spends money on this game to keep you guys working SO SOMETHING LIKE THIS WONT HAPPEN :rage:. But until this is resolved you guys won’t get another dime from me. This is really sad PG. SHAME ON YOU! :rage:. This is how loyal and dedicated players get treated?

PG favors the original owner. So if u bought, borrowed, got the account somehow, and it is not originally yours, u might want to consider ditching it lol. It happened to a friend :joy:

Yes this really makes people wonder how secure our games and investments into bases really are I hope nothing but fast recovery with your base Kym we miss our Leader and need her back ASAP

If they went through the official channels (like Kymbo did) they favor the official verdict of the switch.

This is my leader as well. I have spent tons on this game and I will not spend another dime until the her account is restored. You guys should have atleast sent a response by now.