My apologies to everyone

Hi everyone, I know I posted 3 topics in a few days, with out thinking. For that I apologize for who ever I made mad or fursted for my topics. I was just mad and upset people will curtsies a dragon by its spells without giving it a chance. An I do understand some spells on a specific dragon will determined if it’s good or trash. I been playing this games for about 2 Years now, I’m a high Lv player as well. I’m a very experienced flyer, when it comes to hunters or any dragon type. Like I said I do apologies for my ignorance and my Smart remarks to anyone I replied to.

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Can you apologize for the formatting? This is the third time…

It’s not meant to sound like a dick request but seriously just start to type, no special formatting required and maybe more people will be willing to read stuff you post


I agree. Having to keep swiping sideways in order to read an apology is rather irksome.

apologizing and then annoying someone at the same time. hmm… impressive…

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It’s good man… Just delete the spaces at the beginning of your first line (or tabs or whatever it is). :+1:

Troll level: master.

Thanks for mentioning you can swipe sideways.
I was lost :joy:

:purple_heart: Red for the reformat


An apology should mean something despite how it’s delivered. All that matters is that it’s true.

I’ve not followed any of the background topics to this, however what’s being said here is bullying and rude. No respect for fellow players.

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