My base gone by fog

what shoul i do?

someone help me, i cannot play…

Try logging out (save your pocket ID), uninstalling and reinstalling the game and then logging back in

It could also be that you are still in the tutorial and you are trying to bypass the tutorial, or have already in someway bypassed it since according to the screenshots you have provided you are a level 1

@ModMat @TheRedDelilah @Psarus Can we get this moved to general discussion? This doesn’t belong in the off topic category.

Moved into general discussion. I would recommend raising a ticket also to allow this to be reviewed further.

If you are just level one then I believe that’s what the screen is supposed to look like, the tutorial will guide you on building your base. If not then it looks like you got logged out of your account and you should try to log back in or open a ticket with pg.:+1:

Nah he’s got towers - it shouldn’t be shrouded by fog. Theres an error in his game. @clankhan Raise a ticket!

i already attack many times but not found khan, still be like photo below, why? someone could help me or i should delete this game forever?

Now this is odd. There should be nothing else but Khan’s base when you initiate the attack. I know as I have just started an alt.

What I suggest is just log out of the game completely, then log in again. (Setting > Account). If it doesn’t help, then reinstall will be your only option.

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