My Base is constantly getting raided

Hey guys, I’m now level 42 and I’m getting raided every ten minutes. This started happening a few days ago, I’m not sure if it’s because I changed teams or if it’s because I leveled up recently or because of the event. But I was level 38 last week and would get raided maybe twice a day and now it’s at least 25 times. I used to have 100s of hammers and shields now I have 10. It’s crazy and I can’t keep up on defending. Does this seem normal for level 42? Any advice?

stop defending.

dump your rss.

check your base layout for weaknesses that make it a juicy target.

it will quiet down after event ends.

Why should I stop defending? If I defend whenever someone attacks wouldn’t they stay away as it makes it harder for them?

What do you mean by dump rss? Spend it?

Or ship them off to your team mates. As for the defending thing, if the attacker has strong enough dragons, you won’t stop them anyway. If you do defend, don’t waste your hammers. Save those for war attacks.

True, but with the event I’ve been leveling up a lot lately and barely have any lumber or food because I keep getting raided and I try to upgrade my towers. I’m also using my boosts on everything too.

If you have a lumber boost running, it might be showing more rss than you actually have.

Edit: I.E. the match up is falsely showing the amount that is protected as lumber that is actually raidable.

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Is it different people or the same person/team?
If you’re getting raided a lot, either use your resources faster, send them out more often, or just don’t hold resources.

you used to have hundreds of buffs-- now you don’t. wouldn’t you rather use those to win wars? if you want to defend that’s up to you. you asked for advice, that’s my advice.

dumping rss on teammates, typically bigger ones who are less likely to be hit and can bounce the full amount back to you.

Sometimes its game on if you defend.

Wood is scarce right now. If you are sitting on a stack, they will come.
It’s going to get worse over the weekend, but should come back sun/mon.
I’d dump all you cant protect and take a break till the scores get better later.

All different people all different teams. I did have a boost for lumber but never got above 70% of my total lumber because I kept spending it and people keep raiding me

I don’t have much lumber at all though, I’m getting raided mostly by people 2-4 levels above me and I’m at most have half of my lumber

Oh ya, with wood as tough to get now, you are a prime target if you are sitting on that much.

Try this:
When you are done grinding, dump everything you cant protect.
When you want to play again, grind it out and use it as fast as you can.
This might keep the big wood numbers off the list and prevent you from becoming a target.

This happened to my teammate last fortification too, for about a 24 hour period he got attacked nonstop. After that it just went back to normal.

I wouldn’t worry. You’re just 50s. You won’t be able to hold much lumber. If you’re on a good team a higher level say mid 100s will be able to support your lumber needs through his farms alone. Just dump and wait for your team mates to send back to you.

It’s just the event. If you have zero resources it will stop.

This is where having big teammates can help you a ton.

If you trust your teammates, trade rss or bounce it off them to get more for upgrades.

Say I have 65k wood. I’ll send it to a bigger teammmate so they can send it all back in 20 min. Once they send it back I’ll go hunting for another 60-100k and when it hits I’ll have enough for a big upgrade. Or if they can just send the 65k back immediately because they have that much, shortens the time.

If you have more than about 5k unprotected at level 42, you will get hit.

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But this is not in the know bugs. I had this feeling also a long time.

I see there are two bugs open in the known issues about protection, but not explained like how you described it.

@PGJared Is this one of the two known bugs?

I was trying to quote:
If you have a lumber boost running, it might be showing more rss than you actually have.

Edit: I.E. the match up is falsely showing the amount that is protected as lumber that is actually raidable.

Look at your base you may be good egg mission base,

I.e do you have 6 of same tower? If so they can complete an egg mission in one attack. Drop that to 5 you may see reduced attacks.

The next increment is 4, or 2 dark towers or two flak towers.

If your hit that often sounds like lot of resources or one hit egg mission base.

70% of your total lumber is a HUGE number for this event to be honest.

I start to get raided when i reach 20% of my total lumber amount i can hold…it’s just the nature of this event.


If you are getting hit that consistently there is a problem. Ask someone in your guild (who actually knows what they are doing) to review your base.

PG regularly encourages new players to do lots of really bad things in the game. If you have consistently followed all of PG’s advice, then you probably have a horrible base that is all but inviting people to attack you.