My base isn’t leveling up anymore

Can anyone tell me why it won’t lvl up, stuck at lvl166

What’s your XP situation looking like? Have you merged any towers?


if you haven’t merged towers or changed multiple towers into some other towers, then it’s a known bug.

reinstallation usually does the job, though you might have to send a ticket for your lost exp, if there are any.

one of my less active alt, which is sitting at 300, just had that problem.

tried to fix it on my own so that i can give a big f u to the support if they ever tell me to restart/reboot/reinstall, but then reinstall actually did fix it, this time. :sweat_smile:

all i did after that was sending a ticket for them to check if i have any lost exp and get those added.

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I’m stuck also at level 299… did the reinstall, not working still… any other ideas…?

What does your exp say? Did you merge or transform towers much?

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