My dragons have been weakened! AND their spells dont work

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Send ticket to Support. :relieved:

@moderators kindly close. TIA! :green_heart:


If you didn’t get a good response the first time you won’t get a good one the second time.
Either explain the issue and show proof or submit a ticket. But don’t spam support either


No response is good enough for somebody who can hear only his own believed truths. :relieved:

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Op: Something to bear in mind. PG designed the dragons to have an expiration date. That is business, that is life. There is no conspiracy. You can’t expect anything to last indefinitely no matter how much you like it.

Already flagged. Mehhh…boring.
Guess even Support cant help that poor Soul lol

Can someone help, not the op, this is just the lv of troll is giving me headaches


It’s the gambling syndicate I’m telling yall


How many of these spam topics does it take to get forum banned?


Weekend, try a week end
Its just me talking,?

@moderators another duplicate thread from OP.

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You guys are just mad. You’re all obviously employed by the PG cheaters and you’re all hacking his game. Please stop this illegal gambling and cheating.


Alright, I’m going to give benefit of the doubt. There “may” be something up with your dragons. Which ones? What is happening? When is it happening? Specific bases or spell sets?

The only reason I am giving this any plausibility is due to the fight pits glitch I have noticed. (Inner fires are counted for the total run but seem to vanish from the screen during attack. They are counted, so no complaints, but no longer visible during Some attacks.)


That isn’t a bug, they just don’t show during the run anymore since they made it available to equip 2 spells.


That was my initial thought - but I ignored it and considered it visual only due to spell count.

Thank you for confirming!
Edited to add: I usually don’t pay attention to that. Just remembered accidentally having it on during a base (reg) attack :woman_shrugging:

sigh auto correct

Clearly not enough :roll_eyes:


They added the ability to add IF or XP boost as an additional spell. It is a bonus spell on top of the optional spell add on.

Paper is saying that it visually may not show the Inner Fire in the case of the “extra” spell. But, it is still there and functioning.

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My paper never say no to me,