My eclipse seasonal flights

Hello guys, a week ago i finished the footage of the all seasonal dragon’s gameplays that i picked this season and wanted to share with you :hugs:

The talks are all in Turkish so i write the gameplay timings at the top

I bet this dragon is one of the good discount dragons of all time. She/he got everything by means of one shot spell, target freezing, auto attack empowerment and freezing, being invincible, health gain and no problem about rage. Talariok can easily be the favorite dragon of the newer players until they got a mythic

  • Gameplay starts at : 03:30

I don’t know what if i would be back into the tier “sapphire” with my capabilities of present time, but this was the dragon that i attacked the highest bases with (beating the bases over 15 times more powerful). It is the best festive dragon in my opinion at least at the time i played (1 year and 1 season). I played with her as sapphire because didn’t finish the line when i took the footage, and planning to open my draconics at the start of the season

  • Gameplay starts at : 02:30

I picked the other mythic Ikaros because i love the challenging dragons and obviously Ikaros has a higher potential. The thing is, Quasar probably is one of the easiest mythics in a long time and no he is absolutely strong. I really like the defensive spell kit, and each active spell has a protection. Automatically increasing breath damage is a great idea. The only thing that i would like to see changing is the freezing time of the solar flare since it is a 2 rage spell. Thanx my gf for the footage (no it’s not my alt :sweat_smile:)

  • 1 legendary empyrean - Gameplay starts at: 02:45

Oh my… This dragon easily became my best after Hauhezen and Calavore. Need to admit that Calavore was the hardest dragon i have ever seen. Some may thing that Ikaros is harder but i believe the difficulty of Ikaros can be surpassed by practicing, and no she is absolutely not slow unless you intentionally try to use white spell’s damage feature (since it damages the towers that are under or behind the dragon). I got two videos for her, the first one is kinda first flights, and second is the one i got used to play with her

  • 2 legendary empyrean - Gameplay starts at : 05:32
  • Straight gameplay

Thanx for watching :v:


Meh ikaros is easy if I don’t forget where the hell i am mid fly lol




Thanks for sharing!

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