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So… I’d like to share this with the community. In the year 2017 I started playing war dragons. Like many others fell in love with the game, played for a year or so got to level 175 and decided to take a break while having my daughter. I decided last week after seeing an ad for the game to re-ignite my love for it and downloaded it. I made the massive mistake of wanting to start a fresh… instantly regretted my decision and decided to try and recover my previous pocket ID. I got in touch with Zendesk and they kindly helped me out after I proved the account was mine exc… emails back and forth over a few days. Eventually yes they had found my account all is well password reset and go and log in. Enjoy your time flying they said! Thank you I cried!!!.. BUT if anyone has had more than one account then you know that you cannot sign into a new pocket ID without creating a new pocket ID if the current ID is above a certain level.( this is stupid!!!) so the fact you can get banned for having multiple accounts on one device but have no other choice!? It doesn’t make sense it’s like a trap! Then after appealing the ban all they are telling me is that I’m in breach of terms of service. What can I do??

Multiple accounts on the same device is not a bannable offense, or really any kind of offense. Definitely appeal, and maybe PM to @PGGalileo with your ticketnumber as well if you can’t get a proper response.

What isn’t allowed is account sharing, meaning multiple people playing on the same account. Perhaps someone at support got confused about that.


So if I used a different email to creat a pocket ID can this get me banned? Didn’t want to use the same email for 2 accounts. I have only ever logged in on my device. Well it was a different device 3 years ago but that shouldn’t matter if I’ve changed my phone?

Click sign out.

Then click Yes on the warning message

Uncheck this box

Sign into your old account, click Confirm after entering the email and password.

Done. Enjoy.

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No I did this… played for couple of days then they banned me! For instances of cheating apparently? What does cheating include? Flying? Spending money? Upgrading? Attacking bases? Looting food and lumber? Playing in atlas? Starting to get pssssd off it’s disgusting how this has happened!! Like I’m soo confused… :flushed:

Oh. Your post was so confusing I had no idea what your problem was.

Can’t help you with ban appeal :man_shrugging:

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Dude I’m just as confused as you are… one minute I’m in atlas farming gold then I get pop up saying I’m banned!!! WTF!!!

There has been no help at all… It’s like being tarred with the same brush kind of feel. An algorithm has somehow decided there’s been instances of cheating in my account only being active for couple of days… ( after years of inactivity) and the help off them to retrieve said account. It makes no sense to me at all

Anyone now what account altering means?

That you altered your account

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Elaborate… How is that even possible?

I’m being treated like I’m world known super hacker it’s disgusting! I just want to know what I have done? :flushed:

No one on forum can help you. You need to write a ticket and get some PG person to review.


Anyone have any examples of account alteration they could share with me? Just so I can have some clarity on as to why I have been banned?

I cant submit any more tickets to a PG person… not today anyway.

Account alteration would be like using one of those dodgy websites to load rubies, timers or eggs onto your account.

Not going into how that works but put simply PG runs audits server side and if they detect alterations they then ban you.

Perhaps something wonky has gone on with you changing accounts on the same device with one account being so old.

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hmm, so the pg marketing team still works. good to know.


you can tell them to faq off.

i’ve been running a few dozens of accounts for years (my latest account dates back to ~2 yrs since its creation) logging on and off from 6~10 devices. i’ve never ever got banned for any reasons with any of my accounts yet.

so my guess is the reason of the ban wasn’t exactly about multiple accounts being logged in on the same device.


Wow, if this how things went is quite messed up :neutral_face: @PGGalileo would you mind looking into this, and perhaps help this player if is the situation going on :thinking:

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Or better yet let us know how big of a cheater he actually is… that’s more fun… also OP give PGGallalawhateverhisnameis permission to share results publicly so we can all watch… I’ll go make popcorn


You acting up, Mike :joy: Though anything possible lately :roll_eyes:

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