My future base set up, please r8 this

Hey everyone!

I have a dream base set up for my base but Idk if it’s gonna have a good effect for myself and my base…
Sooo here it is
Note: any comment or suggestions would help :innocent:

Soooo firstly on my fifth island, I’m thinking of putting one type of totem with one legendary dragon that I haven’t levelled/tiered up…

On my fourth island, I will be putting 1 food building in the middle. In the top left would be a storm tower. On the top right will be a Earth Flak and on the bottom would be the 2 rages

On my middle/3rd island I’m thinking of having 2 pylons at the back, with 1 red rage and 1 blue rage, and another storm tower. And at the middle of the 3rd island I’m putting both a fire and ice turret, and doing the same set up just like the back…

Second and first island will stay the same, if you have a look at my base.

If your name is the same in game, I’ll message you, and share my thoughts. Really would like to see you level and what you have built already, but “justmecj” didn’t work unless I misspelled it.
1: do you know the names of different islands, each “island” is just 5 towers. Want to make sure we are on the same page.
A perch that is destroyed early on, will not provide a debuff for enemy dragons. Once a totem is destroyed it is useless.
Judging from the way you talk about this stuff, you don’t have a full understanding of the island classification which is fine. I would only Be building a perch if there are towers there to be buffed.
2: This is not going to work. Farms should go on the back of island 1 and not be found elsewhere. I understand your thought process but it just makes the base easier.
The other reason it won’t work, is you can out have both a storm, and Earth flak in the same 5 tower island.
It also wouldn’t do much damage to dragons at all.
3: Kinda confused what you mean here without something to look at. But form my limited understanding here it would not work well.
4: focus on 5 towers, and 5 only. If you are level 65+(think that’s what it was), have a Dark Flak, Earth Flak, and Ice Flak, as well as both a red and blue mage.
Put these towers on Island 3 (the first 5 tower island you can unlock if you are confused of where I refer to). Put your Dark Flak in the bottom left spot, red mage in the middle, blue bottom right, and Earth Flak and Ice Flak in the back of that small island. Focus on these 5 towers and you will have a solid base for a long time.
Note, this base design is able to be changed a bit, but I would recommend this if you are 65+. If you are just level 55-64 then swap the Earth Flak for a storm. If you are level 45-54 then swap the Ice flak for an Ice Turret instead. If you are below level 45 there are some good guides for building a base as well.


Tip : if you want a dream base what you really need is red mage either in the back or middle and blue either in the back or front depending on layout and the two new towers and flaks Mainly Ice, Dark, and storm are the best combo right now as Fire, Ice, and Dark
These are based of meta game though and placements will vary based on which tower position helps a player the most. Feedback is always recommended from an experienced player as well and multiple view points too flush out any kinks / flaws in base design.

I only don’t know much about this game bc, the main players I find are usually adults and I’m under 18 maybe that’s y idk much about the game…but yeah I get your point (I think)

What level are you @JustMeCJ ?

Also, drakul are only allowed one each per island (group of 5).


So only one? I haven’t thought of these towers as 1 per island

The base eggmissionfarm has 4 DP towers on one island

… they’re special lol.
Need to check if you can use multiple pylons on an islamd

Why would that base be any different than others? If they change teams, they have to change layouts? I’ve never seen an egg mission base with more than one CH?


Always put the farm and lumber mills in the back with a howitzer. But as many have asked before, what is your level? Your defense is based on what level you as, as you unlock more towers as you grow. If you’re interested in base ideas, you can look at mine or my alts if that helps.

When drakul pylons were released they were supposed to be like flaks 1 per island. There was a glitch that allowed players to put more then 1 on an island. PG has fixed the glitch but they did not make players move the ones they had in place.


Same as flaks unless advertised any other way. When my next build finishes I’ll build a second one for empirical purposes :wink:

I find this a bad tactic. Howie shots are easy to block or cloak or freeze etc.
So the idea is to have the flier distracted by other damaging or utility towers and hope either they run out of rage or don’t see it coming.

By having the howie on a long island of actual towers and not farms, they are distracted by 9 others, not just 5.


102 :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::grimacing:

What’s your in game name? I can have a look and message you some thoughts as well.

JustMeCJ is my User

102 so you just expanded max by 15 towers right?

Also it could be easier to define positions like this:

(3rd island)
Tower A —towerB
Tower C —towerD

(2nd and 1sr islands)
Tower A —towerB
Tower C —towerD

Tower A —towerB
Tower C —towerD
Base HQ

It’s just so we can better understand you and thus help/ advice


At your lv 5 tower max for your lv
6 if you need a bit of extra xp which is pretty unlikely
Ice flak is almost a must at this point

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