My game is not receving and seems to

LAG! Me and my mom have the same issues and i have tried unstalling the game and comming right back to it and its STILL doing the same thing can thw war dragobs staff PLEASE FIX THIS! our invites are not working THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED IMMENTLY!!

PG please for the love on earth fix this!

Ps i love the dragons but… please get this game together!
P.P.S there are black towers and holes at the base and its werid that they came out of no where

@Crisis & @Arelyna

Also i cant get to the support page becuase im dumb i dont know how to work technolgy :confused:

Have you created pgid (entering email thing)?
Also, what is your device?

Well me and Mom we have an Android and we’re both having this problem and no I don’t know how to work the email thing

Phone brand? Type? Perhaps it can help (mine is Android too, but the lag is bearable… sometimes…

Did one of your dragons created a blackhole in your base? Xd

Have you tried messing with the graphics?

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As far as I know, usually a reinstall will fix this. That being said, please make sure that you have a PGID before doing anything.

Try changing the graphic settings. Just click the gear and scroll down. There is a button that will read “High” change that down to low and that might fix your problem. To me it looks like a graphics issue but I am not tech support or anything. You might have to play with those settings a bit. If you reinstall the game you will have to change the settings back to low.

When I change my setting to low, the groundwork colors disappear and it’s almost impossible to tell which flak is which :unamused:


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