My game went back to start

Im like so Sad my game is gone, i did a restart because of the New 5,09 thing and my hole game is gone, im at like at the beginning

Ive payed you a lot of money PG so help me

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Did your account log out? Or has it been reset?

Back to start and New ID to

Sounds like you got logged out, it happened to me before. Just go to account in the gear icon and log back into your account

You’ve already mentioned this in several threads and started a new one. Please submit a ticket if you want PG to help you.

Im sort of trying That, if you got your game back to start and PG DOS not respond?

“sort of trying”? Did you submit a ticket or not? If so, how long ago? You have to give them a bit of time to respond. Also, if you keep responding to your ticket it throws you to the end of the line again.

Ive done it all password ticket my ID ect

Also sounds like a treat asking for help That i get trown back in line asking for help

You need to give them time to respond. From what I’ve seen of your posts it sounds like you forgot your PocketID password. If you have a ticket open, just be patient. Don’t respond to the ticket until they respond to you.

Ok ill give them some time

Yeah it sounds like you got logged out.

If you know your pocket Id and password then log out of the currently in use account and then sign back in.

If you have forgotten your details then you will need to wait for your ticket to be answered. And don’t keep responding to it until you get an answer. It pushes your ticket to the back of the queue

Well i asked for help and im being flaged

You are gonna need to expand on what you mean by flagged. None of your posts are flagged as far as I can see.

Not really, it’s like if you were in line at the grocery store and then decided to step out of line and go get something at the deli. Your spot doesnt get saved for you so when you come back it’s the back of the line for you.

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All the love

The way the ticketing system works is that the oldest open ticket gets pushed to the front of the ticket queue. Each time you reply to a ticket you are updating the ticket, making it “newer” than tickets that haven’t been updated with additional information. For example, your problem may have started 8 hours ago, but since you replied to it 4 times, the most recent of which was 15 minutes ago, the system would treat that ticket as being 15 minutes old, not 8 hours old.

Sometimes it can be hard to wait, especially if there is an issue with your game that prevents you from playing. However it is truly the best policy to not reply to your own tickets unless something drastic has changed with the situation. I personally wouldn’t reply to the ticket again if it were with my account, unless it has been at least 12 hours of radio silence from support. Even then, waiting to closer to 24 hours might be the better choice.

Ok Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

You can have your password reset by going into the game saying you forgot your password.

That email address will be sent a link to reset your password. Easy peasy … no need for Support to get involved. :+1:t3: