My gear got rolled back and support doesn’t seem to care

Gearing up to add my maxed elite gear to Quasar , I removed them first from my previous rider … all went well except 3 rolled back all the way to level one …
No help from support

What do I do ?
All these unresolved issues is becoming soo demotivating

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Try sending your ticket number to @PGGalileo — they’re out for the weekend though, so don’t expect an immediate answer.

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Thanks I’ll do that
I’m new here so I appreciate the help


It may be a visual glitch. Checking if the gear bonus adds up to max and if it doesn’t then you’d have to wait for them to come back from weekend

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I had something similar occur 6 months ago. Uninstalling and re installing the game fixed it for me.

From time to time the client (your device) and PGs server get out of sync. This seems to be data corruption on the app as they don’t seem to have a way to force a full sync.

I know its painful to do that. Make sure you get your pocket ID from settings and that you know your login credentials and have access to your email account.

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Gear rollbacks do seem to happen pretty often unfortunately :expressionless: tho I see it more often for gear I’m trying to forget then upgrade

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