My ideas for War Dragon (GENTLEM4N)

Hello everyone!

Maybe you allready saw some posts from me in other threads with War Dragon ideas. Now I want to add all my ideas in one topic, to see what people think about it 

I will try to add also new ideas to this topic, so it’s possible that I update this thread later again.

There are so many ideas I just have, but I am too lazy to write them down. So I will write the ideas that are now in my head. By the way sorry for my english, my german and turkish are much better :smiley:


If you are in a higher league or just in a great organized team, you will know how important timing is in this game. All the attacks, waves etc. need great timing. A team can take 50 members, but that doesn’t mean that all members are from same time zone. Some people are using PST time, other GMT time, etc.

So my idea would be to add a clock somewhere to the top, to make it easier for the teams coordinate attacks and other stuff. And also give the player the option, to go to settings and choose a time zone. So that a team can choose for example PST time zone, but don’t connect this with the language setting please!!!

I tried to make it (right top)


I did this mistake a lot, and think it’s time for a correction.
We all get some invites from other teams, even when we don’t wanna change team. And you put the ACCEPT button, to right top. Right top is normally the place for REPLY on mails  So I did the mistake with accepting the invite and joined a team, I don’t wanna join.
So the solution is really easy.

Just put a warning on that button. Something like if I press ACCEPT it should show me a message box with:

Are you sure, you wanna leave your team?

NO” – “YES


Its just a joke :smiley: But for the future, I really would see a VR part for war dragons. Just imagine how great it would be to attack on a VR map :smiley: or defend it. Or just show the replays in VR.


Everyone knows sometimes we just have too much lumber. My Suggestion for this would be a trade system for lumber and Food.
For example you put 100k lumber in it, and get 100k Food back? Of course you need to pay for this. My idea was just using the Atlas Gold for it? Rubies would not make sense for it, because there is other stuff to buy for rubies but we could use our Gold.
That would mean:
I wanna trade 100k lumber into Food.
Every trade cost 1 Gold. That would mean I need to pay 100k Gold for trading 100k lumber or Food.
But trading takes more time, so instead of normal Transfer which takes 20 minutes, I think 30 minutes would be ok.
Example: I want 100k Food, put my 100k lumber and 100k Gold into the trading system. And after the 30 minutes i will get it back?


5. Team Search Detail
We all used the team searching function. But I don’t think that it’s detailed enough.
Instead of showing just bronze or Diamond, it should show Bronze 2, or Diamond 1
that would make more sense, if I am looking for a specific league.

And is it possible to also add the function to search for members. So I could search for teamless members to invite them to my team maybe?

Right know it look like this:


I know its possible to report and block messages on league chat. But I can’t find an icon for reporting mail? There is only option to block the members, but what if I wanna report him. Should I open a ticket just for that?


7. Protection for the buildings
I can understand that we can build some towers and perches on our islands. But what if I also wanna protect my LAST ROUND ISLAND (that one with all the buildings, storage, incubator,…).
Give us the option to maybe build a wall to make it harder for the attacker to destroy it. Or put a perch on the last part.

If you destroy the last round Island you will just get 1%, because there is no protection or Tower etc. on it. So my idea is to make the last part stronger, that will also increase the total percentage for the last Island. Instead of 1% it will be more. That would mean, just an example: Attacker destroys all my Towers and maybe one lumber mill, he will got just 60%, because my other rss, and also the last round Island are too strong.


8. SPELL (cloak alternative)
There is one spell idea I just wanted to share with you. I really like cloak spell but we need something new. So I would suggest to make a spell, which has the same effect like cloak, but it’s not a cloak. So a spell where the dragon fly right and left, to avoid all projectiles as long as the spell is active. It would have the same effect, but new to watch 


9.) Recycle of storage
I wrote this also on the other forum, but it doesn’t change. So I want write it again 
I made so many mistakes on building a base like all the other players. Why not having a option to recycle out mistakes. For example, we could delete the tower in storage and get rubies for it. Of course it would depend on the player level.


10. Equipping boosts on islands.
Give us please the option to boost our base more the 14days.

And instead of clicking on the “Add Boost” button …… Times, add the slider function like on atlas if you wanna transfer troops. Just slide to right, for the max etc.


11. Level up Bounty Harbor
Add 4-5 levels to bounty harbour, so that we can level it up. And get better items daily?


12. ATLAS HIT/ALLIANCE List with different Color
Thanks to Nemesis for the idea. Just think about it, you are playing in Atlas, and you Need to click on each primarch on different are just to see from which Team he is. Is he someone you can hit, or just a alliance member :slight_smile:
Just imagine if you add teams to the alliance list, and you see their terrirtories in different color or their primarchs in different color.
That would be awesome, to give primarchs a color circle, for example green means people from your team. Blue alliance team member, and red means member from a team which is added to the hit list


11. Showing ONLINE Icon for forum
I know this is a different system, but its still a forum. So could you please add a circle next to the nickname so that we can see if the person is online or not? green for online, any maybe grey for offline. Sometimes i wanna write PM and dont know if he/she will answere in hours or just minutes because he/she is online. I know I can see it in game, but I am using the forum also on computer.

Now I wanna hear what you all are thinking, about these ideas?


Your English is great. I agree with all your ideas, but I don’t see the point of protecting the Main island. If that’s the last island standing the opponent has destroyed 99% of the base anyway so in wars or xp runs that’s max xp… Did you think of a strategy or do you just want a pretty perch for the last island?

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Its 99% because the last Island does not have anything. If it would be stronger, maybe the attacker would not get the 99%. Like the rss, some attackers cant destroy it, because ist too strong, and they only get 50-60%. So if a attacker destroys all my Towers and maybe one lumber mill. He should just get 60% because my other rss and the last (round Island) are too strong.

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:thinking: This is an interesting concept, I see you put a lot of thought into it. Maybe add some of this information to your first post so it reflects your ideas more accurately? :wink:

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updated :+1:

I like the ideas! But I worry about number 9. Some people who want rubies are going to get their level really screwed up because they will build towers to get rubies.

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The idea behind number 9 is People will not get much rubbies for a Level 1-2 Tower. Maybe 5 rubies, to get much rubies he would need a higher Tower. That would mean a lot of Wood, and timer to Speed it up, if he Needs fast rubie =)

Honestly I like a ton of these ideas man.

  1. Clock - YES
  2. Invite Warning - Hell yes, I can’t believe this still isn’t a thing.
  3. Stop that lol
  4. Can’t comment I’m not in Atlas
  5. Team search detail, eh not really that big for me but sure how hard could it be to add sub-leagues. Am I the only one who gets glitchy in there? For example if I’m in a team scroll through the players and check one’s info, when I X out I’m back on the search results screen of my team search. Aka if I wanna go back where I was gotta go back into the team, scroll through the pages and find the player again.

Searching for members sounds good but not sure if it would be used for bullying purposes (but in general I think it’s cool, instead of losing track of a “friend” after they switch teams.

  1. I guess screen shot and file ticket, but since that can be falsified I’d rather they have the report feature in mail. At the least would stop someone of the threads we’ve seen here with screenshots of bully mail.

  2. Protecting the buildings, I’m not a fan. Rather leave it as is. Base is strong or it’s not.

  3. Cloak alternative. Kind of sounds like watching a seizure, so I’d rather it just cloak like normal. Plus if yours worked like cloak could waste supershots, would be a much better spell than cloak.

  4. Recycle of storage. Personally I don’t like it because I feel it rewards people that made bad decisions. I know there are plenty of LONG time players that would love this, back when it was impossible to know any better, so I won’t vote a definitive No due to them.

  5. Boosts on islands. For sure, slider would be great. If it’s raised past 14 days, I’d want it to be at least low enough so that I couldn’t trip and fall and add 2 years of a boost when I meant to boost for a week (I know I’d deserve it but still lol).

  6. Bounty harbor, very cool idea I think! That’d be fantastic.

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At first :slight_smile: Thank you so much for reply

I think 2 years would be too much :smiley: I was thinking about max of 2-3 months.

Add-on to my reply to #7, I also like being able to swap and leave the buildings if someone who could use the XP is following (and also if I’m following someone big and they swap). Though I guess at that point you’d still get the XP anyways, but Id rather not wait to have them (or me) float past the base before quitting.

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If you look at a level 1 or 2 base, I think the final Island is about 8%…Maybe scaling these structures so that percentage remains constant…
Still a relatively easy kill since it’s not attacking, but maybe, with multiple defenders, you could spam hammer enough to keep it alive against a weaker dragon.

I think that is at least on the line of what the OP was considering.

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But, as for each item…

  1. Clock - - yes. I have played many global games. Use GMT, or better, UTC. The daylight savings has not effect. So two thumbs way up for this.

  2. Invite confirmation. They ask are you sure an several things. Move the button and please ask. This is crazy that it’s not a thing yet.

3.VR… Cool… But only if I can walk and fly… Maybe AR?. Are those long meetings more interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I am 100% for a player market. Let people sell whatever they want. Kinda think the only universal currency is rubies. I see you’re trying to do a twist on a typical MMO market, but I say free market. You can sell anything. For however much people will pay.

  2. I could see this as useful, but really, I don’t feel strongly either way.

  3. Messages are already time stamped and tied to the sender and receiver Ofc, so are chat messages… So, saying we need to tag these things, while it probably drops a flag that makes it easier to find, it’s not technically necessary.

  4. I addressed in my first post. I think it’s a cool idea. I don’t think it’ll happen.

  5. So like evasion but a different animation?

  6. I like recycling. Maybe with a loss of rss and experience. I have plenty in my storage I’d love to recycle (or even just throw away). This would be easy to abuse. I don’t think it’ll happen.

  7. I like the slider idea. I think two weeks is just to keep people checking in every so often.

  8. Love it. There are actually better prizes, but I have never won them… But having a higher level that either increases odds of better or just makes lower prizes no longer part of the pool would be nice.

My thoughts. That and a couple bucks will get you a cup of coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lots of good ideas.

Market is an absolute no from me.

Its a huge cheat vector for hackers. Hack a few million rubies/ timers/ chests. Sell content to teammates for almost no cost. Get banned. Teammate has all these items “legit”.


Like them all. Would seem really usefull

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Good point, it would create a way to transfer rubies which is a big thing.

I would like an exchange where you could trade something like 3 food for 1 lumber or vice versa, don’t think that would cause any balance issues. But in the end both are easy enough to get so it’s perhaps not worth the bother of implementing. I’d much rather have more/better ways to get egg tokens…

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I wish PG add egg tokens transfer option


Great ideas! Just the market and base having more percentage are the ones I don’t fully agree with. Would be nice to see them implemented :grinning:

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The idea for the market, i mean the trade System is just for Wood and Food. So the idea is not to trade rubies or eggtokkens between Players :slight_smile:

If that would happen, PG would have big Problems. All the hackers would cheat, and Transfer their rubbies and eggs throw 2-3 People. And then you would Need to PAN the Players.

(I recommend the red one :stuck_out_tongue: )

The cheaters can also use it to force ban on a normal Player, who not cheated.
Example: Level 100 Player A playes the game normal, with some spending. Level 200 Player Plays the game with egg and rubbie cheat. And than send 1M rubie and 1M egg to Player A. So how can u really trust that A is not a friend of B?

Thats why I only recommend transfering Wood and Food between Players, and also of Course Gold for Atlas. But the trade System is just for Wood and Food :slight_smile:


This pic is just EPIC!

5th one is good for farms :joy:

I forgot to Change the text from “SELECT ATTACKING DRAGON” to PAN :smiley: