My impressions of the KW Tweeks

So, I am interested in thoughts about this even with the tweeks that have been made. My major concern is the amount of points it takes to capture 1 hex. With the dragon defenders, the points to control a single hex is around 150k to 200k that is a lot of points for 1 hex. To capture all 16 cities is about 250k to 300k points or more. For a team to capture our minor monument with our dragon defenders on each city, requires 400k points (I actually added the points required for 9 cities). We are currently a Platinum I team.

This event reminds me of WWI where thousands of troops faced each other to gain 200 meters only to lose it back to the opposing forces. Between defending our territory (recapturing cities taken by another team) and capturing additional cities, we have only expanded our territory by 8 or 10 hexes in this event since our initial capture of hexes by defeating the blackbloods. The borders don’t seem to change very much.

Just my thoughts, interested in yours.

In this thread you can find other people’s comments:


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Yes, this has been discussed extensively in the linked thread. I’m just commenting here because I think your analogy is perfect.