My Issue with Medals

When you ask the general question of “What do medals mean/show other players?” and the usual answer is, “They show how active a player is during the week, they are very important when you’re recruiting.”.

I can see this, but there is a flaw in this system. A player can’t get the standard 5k medals when they go do XP runs with their dragons, because as soon as you hit a base more then once the medal count drops dramatically to a few hundred. Let’s say you’re the most helpful person on the team, you are constantly running backup. So much so that you fall behind in your own runs. Guess what? You don’t get 5k medals each time you run backup for someone, even if you’re the actual person destroying that entire base cause a teammate asked you if you could be his backup for a normal attack XP run…yeah you get like maybe between 100-500 medals for runs like that. So here you are busting your ass helping your teammates but if a different player looked at you and say you only have 400lk-500k medals this week they are gonna look at you like you aren’t a very active player.

This is a major flaw with medals. I’m not suggesting you make backup runners get 5k medals, cause there are moments the 2nd attacker doesn’t attack at all. But I’d suggest raising the medals for the 2nd attack to at least 1k-2.5k. It would be a dramatic realistic look at how active a player actually is. Cause you know, we all want a good teammate, so when we look at the medals we aren’t just seeing how many individual runs THAT ONE PERSON has done, but how many runs that one person has done with OTHERS and HIMSELF/HERSELF in TOTAL.


They are used for wars… all that they do. They are important for that reason alone.


False lmao there are two different medals in the game, War Medals which is only seen by your team and daily/weekly medal count that EVERYONE sees.

You need those weekly medals to MAKE UP the medals for use in declaring wars. Once you hit the medal cap as per your league, your additionally earned medals mean nothing.

War medals? No… I’m not talking about flames.

To declare a war a team needs medals. Those same medals you are talking about.

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Total Flames earned, yes I know. I was talking about WEEKLY medals, 5k per 100% destroyed base on regular runs,.

Ya you need those to declare a war. It costs 1 million medals to declare a war. So you need your team to be earning them regularly if you want to declare regularly.

Not according to others. If at level 70 something has 12M in medals for All-time they are considered awesome and “omgsh you make my medals look like garbage.”

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I know what they are used for team wars, I’m talking about the individual themselves.

The all-time ones are more accurate, yes. But the weekly ones can be glitched. Some people start the week with a postive weekly medal count, even if they haven’t done any runs yet.

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Nothing it is just an indication of activity

As Mike said, medals mean nothing really. If u want to know if someone is active just ask.

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My point being was, medals in general are not accurate on the players activity even the All Time Medals earned. It doesn’t account how many times a person has backed someone up on their runs, or how many time they went on XP runs.

Ya it is just one Indicator.

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Exactly, it isn’t the end all, be all. Some people like to hit xp bases alot (I prefer those when I’m doing multipliers :blush:) so they might have a lower total medal count than those who go attack a bunch of live bases.

All time medals is accurate unless the account had been reset previously (eg banned but reinstated due to false positive)

When a player applies to a team, their activity rating is shown in the applications tab of the meeting hall. It’ll say “Active”, “Inactive”, … so it is not a big concern. :slight_smile:

As for bragging rights, the total medal count is more usefull :grin:

I’d use it as a tie breaker. If u had two applicants of similar level and activity, take the one with more lifetime medals. Theyre more likely to be the better flyer as they ran more live bases.

Similar to war flames. Take the one with more flames.

I’d check on dragons too, though… 200 with platinum dragons with a bunch of medals vs 200 in emeralds with less medals :see_no_evil:

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It can also be used to indicate spending habits… a level 300 with say 15m medals likely spends a lot more than a 300 with 100 million medals.

Although again it is just a loose indicator