My latest piece of art (Updated) I hope you enjoy them


Today at 1pm Pacific on my twitch channel I give live tutorials. academy has classes. Learn to create 3d Art for free.


Wow! This is amazing!


:joy: this is my latest piece of artwork :


Looks like some Animorphs artwork :+1:


Hi love it Allison! The wolf shows some battle wear. Nicely done


Thx :blush:


If you follow my work, the series Cyborg Lost is about a scientist kept alive through cybernetics in order for a corporation to capitalize off of her impending pharmaceutical discovery. She has an internal fight, finding she is not the being she used to be. In the picture she is confronted by her husband and he reassures her that their love is stronger than her situation. I hope you like it.


Learn to do this in the academy st





Born from Water