My name is Flak-

and I am a WD addict. It has been 10 days since I last flew. I admit I am powerless over my desire to run token missions, reach 450 sigil prize in PVP events, max or near max atlas events and bank enough XP to expert every dragon I possess.

Not really trying to minimize 12 step programs and I’m glad they help folks quit serious addictions like excessive gambling or drug and alcohol use, but I must say, there is some type of parallel with this game. It really has been 10 days since I uninstalled the game yet as I was walking my dog at 5am today I found myself thinking about the PVP you all are doing and wondering how much better it was, etc… It’s not like I spent every moment of every day thinking about it but the siren’s song prodding me to check in hasn’t faded as much as I would have hoped.

I thought of my team mates I most recently left before the fort ended (after reaching 8 million points and finally evolving my divines to empyrean) and those whom I left a few months prior to my attempt at “chilling” for the summer in platinum. As you can plainly see I still check in with the happenings of the forum and I guess I’m wondering how much better this game could be if things weren’t quite the chore that they are.

I’m coming up on what would have been my 3rd anniversary of playing WD so it’s probably obvious I enjoyed the game. A lot of the lure of the game was that I could use it to pass the time quietly as I battled insomnia. On average I only sleep 4-5 hours per night. I could grind away in the wee hours of the morning, getting all my token missions and multipliers done before most people in my time zone even woke up.

It did get to the point where I had to get up and take the dog into the living room because my tapping and swiping could get a bit rambunctious in the heat of the battle. I can only imagine what the missus thought I was up to the few times I woke her up… :smile:

Plus it was a pretty handy tool to pass the time as I waited for the missus to “pull a permit” every time she was doing her hair / makeup / try on every outfit she owns in preparation to go out. She actually preferred it to me pacing back and forth tapping my watch and foot. :wink: Ya’ll are probably thinking I’m a “joy” to live with at this point - I am mostly joking. But I am probably type A (maybe B+) and she’s a very mellow type Z or so with her own time zone (and I love her dearly).

At some point the game seemed to switch from an enjoyable way to quietly pass a certain amount of time to becoming a chore, that while still entertaining in some ways, was turning into a compulsion to complete my tasks. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming PG for my compulsive behavior but I am wondering how they could get the game back to its roots of being a mobile game that should make you want to play it because it’s enjoyable rather than HAVE to play it in order to keep up, not let your team down, etc…

When I first started playing the game, there was no Atlas (gold, shards, scrolls, gear, glory, etc…), there were no seasons, no multiple divine dragons, riders any of that stuff. I understand that new things need to be added and I know we can’t put the Genie back in the bottle but as new things get added to the game (particularly things that require time expended) something has to give.

Let’s face it, if you want to help your team do well in Gauntlet and most other PVP events as well as wars and Atlas “raids” you HAVE to be on at certain times (or all the time). Is this really the dynamic that PG wants put forward or would it be better to allow users to not feel compelled to do the “chores” portion and only have to focus on the “fun” portion?

In reality, why do we have to do certain tasks in order to get egg tokens? Why do we need to do invader runs in order to maximize XP and get gold and shards? I mean I understand why we have to under the current mechanics but those mechanics could change, right? Why couldn’t we earn max XP to train dragons a different way, why couldn’t we get tokens, gold, shards and such a different way?

Do I know exactly the best way to accomplish this, no, but I was thinking the overall concept would lean towards the primary focus of the game, which as I see it, is flying in events and castle raids (for those with Atlas) so perhaps tied to those flights somehow. Let’s face it, during PVP events in particular and now with assault as well, if you want to do well without spending a lot of resources on Megas, most of the player base flies a LOT. I would like PG to consider incorporating the “chores” into event and wars somehow.

Maybe some realistic prizes for defending (with realistic bonus rewards for shoot downs), backing war runs, (why not get rewards beyond food and wood for helping your team mates if this is a team game), backing event runs, atlas runs. While I do understand the need for gating mechanisms, which grinding gold, resources, xp, etc accomplish, they really have turned into a “fun sucker” and a MASSIVE time sink of mind numbing activity.

How many people enjoy running invaders? Prior to a dragon being able to solo, you are forced to either get backup from a team mate (which is SUPER exciting for them) or you settle for 50% XP on two dragons. Once they can solo how much of a challenge is it? But we still HAVE to do it in order to bank enough XP to train the dragons up to their full power.

How many people actually like flying the Atlas version of the same base over the standard version? I have to be honest, I never really cared for it, whether defending (I could get lost if I dragged around the view, which never happened on the “regular” base setup while defending) or flying on offense. The fact that you can’t use the monuments in Atlas for something as basic as healing mark type spells may not be a game breaker but if the intention was to be able to mark towers on the standard layout, why not in Atlas? I know others have pointed this out but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Even visually the Atlas layout is just blech to me (brown, and while some of the features look cool their not as visually appealing as they could be).

Maybe in addition to being able to configure our tower layout, a cool (if possible) addition to the game would be to have a configurable flight path for one’s base. It would certainly add to the variety of base design if we could put features in that could confuse or cause an attacker to get a little “lost” (like a basic maze or something). Or maybe features like narrow caverns where only certain dragons could pass through, or add a particular spell to “blast” your way past certain obstacles or whatever.

On the dragon side, maybe some limited, selectable counter measures could be added. Kind of like deploying chaff or whatever? Back when we had some dragons that suddenly started doing barrel rolls I often wondered why we couldn’t get to a point where we could take evasive action (roll, pull up, dive). Maybe it’s just too complicated for a mobile game interface but something like this would really make things less “vanilla”.

For those few of you that are still here reading this, I will bring this to an end more to prevent your boredom than from me running out of material to write. What’s the point of writing this? Partly to acknowledge I miss the game, my team(s) and even some of you krusty forum goers. But mostly convey to PG that you have a game that continues to have a lot of appealing features but it is steadily shifting from being fun to being a chore many are willing to keep at for the benefit of their teams or to remain remotely competitive.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I could have played less, or spent more to compensate the giant time suck the game has evolved into, but I truly believe it would be more enjoyable and would probably encourage more spending by those who are able / or are inclined to spend. It may be too late for me, and many who’ve come and gone before me (I still miss Savage, Raptor and many others) but I don’t think it’s too late to make some significant changes and turn this game back to what should be the primary focus of enjoyable game play. PG, you have a gold mine here but I feel you are letting it slip away from you.

Thanks for sticking it out and thanks for a (mostly) fun time over the past several years.



Edit: I realize now that my closing emoji of choice could be considered poor taste as it relates to my opening. It wasn’t meant to be, it’s just how I typically close out / wish folks well. Sorry if it gave a different perception.


You’ve been struggling for some time but have made progress. Don’t be disheartened. We’re cheering you on … even if it does mean we won’t be able to see you again when your goal is achieved. :rose:

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Flak you know I love to stalk you lol , I have same feelings as you sometimes but now my gaming time is mostly cause I got used to seeing and chatting with same faces everyday , kinda a family that I cant abandon , that is keeping me here , atlas is no fun anymore

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:roll_eyes: I think it’s a cycle of a game, especially an online one.

  • A good game to spend time…
  • Since a game is a business, developers want to get income from it.
  • Add more interesting stuff to attract more players, more income…
  • In order to facilitate F2P, give grinding as alternative to catch up…
  • Forced ourselves to compete, for more interesting stuff. It’s the climax point I guess. Past this point is a necessity to keep up, thus burn us out.


Research say that it’s only 21 days to form a new habit. Keep it up Flak :hugs:


We put the “fun” in dysFUNctional for sure.


I think there’s still plenty of need to grind in order to be competitive, just saying that as you add to one end, at some point you almost have to take away a portion of the doldrum activity at the other end. I just think the game could evolve and stay reasonably fresh without the chores.

It reminds me of some of the AP classes I experienced in my high school. They were mostly just more work, and by default I did learn more than Folks in standard classes, but I really don’t think I was taught more or more advanced theory or anything. Just more work, thus more exposure to more information.


My name is Howard and I have not found the courage to just drop this hot mess of a game. I looked last night at another mobile game that I saw advertised and the reviews were mostly the same as this one. Unending glitches, crashes, pay to win, lag, etc. No point in trading one disaster for another.

I salute your courage and hope that you get through your detox soon.


Yea I’m not sure what to do to make the game interesting again. New type of dragon I like but to me I think it’s the towers. Soo many of them are obsolete due to so many flaks. I think they should have restricted how many of each type of flak you can build a little more, as well as limit the total amount of flaks you could have on your base. If they were to do that now it would require a massive rebalance of the forgotten towers to ensure current dragons don’t walk all over the bases. I’m not sure pg could handle that without a bunch of errors and such.

I dunno maybe this thought process is in the wrong direction. The game has been mostly stagnant since harbinger was announced I feel like.

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I have definitely noticed my interest waning lately. I used to be on 6-8 hours a day on average, now I barely pull 30 minutes a day. Atlas used to keep me interested, but it’s just too much effort at this point. Too much math to figure out if I’m optimizing attacks, too much time finding the right target. I’m back to just going to aligane to die.

Breeding is about the only event I get excited for anymore. PvP is just the same thing over and over and I can’t get interested like I used to. I just drop a few Megas, hit the team minimum and I’m done.

After typing all of this out, I now realize I am a horrible teammate. :rofl:



I’m told it makes breeding difficult (as opposed to a synonymous word) if there’s no excitement.





You are not alone in your feelings. A couple Sapphire teams disbanded/merged over the last month and the attrition from that wasn’t enough to touch the holes in the remaining teams.

Not to mention the shear struggle of leaders and officers to keep recruiting when there is no one to recruit… on top of the regular grind of running a team. I’ve seen a lot of these hard working people pack in it lately.

Player happiness came a year too late imo, but I’d love to see PG make some significant changes as you said and really focus on bringing the fun back into the game (they have done some… however I’m leaning towards too little too late). Unless PG dedicates a significant amount of staff to the situation, the turtles pace will see more and more players feeling like you do until rather than hoping for something better they start hoping for the strength to cut ties.


I never minded competing for things and obviously to a near extreme point, grinding but I keep coming back to the thought that some of the original mechanics built into the game could change and make non-event / atlas chores significantly less demanding. For instance, why can’t they tie leveling dragons to a reasonable amount of flights but gate it by player / base level.

Base leveling is already gated primarily by timers and they pretty much proved that the scarcity of lumber / food isn’t as critical and thankfully they increased the availability of lumber (at least temporarily).

I think some of the old mechanisms remain just because they were there originally. Just hoping they will look at the big picture and think outside the box a bit more.

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If this is effective, there is noone overleveled.

I think, Fort event has its own problem.
Build more, and you get more prize. Thus everyone is just burning their timers as high as possible.

On the other hand, a newborn dragon is weaker than high leveled one from lower tiers. Also, gap between breedable and expert level.

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Yeah, as I was typing that I could almost hear Mech in my ear saying “no” since he and therefore I and many others, focused on having strong dragons for our level. Just got to be some way beyond the insane amount of boring repetitive, flights to level and ultimately expert dragons.


I almost think @mechengg finds solace in those 300 invader runs he does daily.
Gotta get those 3 min timers! Gotta get those 3 min timers. 3 mins times 10,000 runs equal 30,000 mins for Fort, you fools!


I used to take pride in my expert / capped lineup and it did come in handy for assault (not so much for max score) and more so temple raid. But that’s akin to being proud you can hold your hand over a candle until you get a third degree burn or something. edit (no offense Mech)


I know that guy…


If this is the standard, I’ve always been a horrible teammate.

I actually don’t spend so much time in game, especially outside of PvPs - I’ve never liked grinding - but I do check in a lot, try to keep tokens coming in, check chat, etc. It’s odd (?), but as I’ve leveled, I’ve spent more and more time reading forums, and less time in game. PvPs have become less interesting/engaging, Atlas I never found compelling. I don’t see myself quitting - I just re-upped elite for another year, but I’m also very ok with gradual progress - at some point it became apparent that there wasn’t much point to adding another level to a tower at this time. Meet your sigil threshold goals and stop.


It has been four months since I deleted the game and I’ve never thought of reinstalling it. A month or two prior to that, I’ve been seriously thinking of quitting but having great teammates prevented me from doing so.

When I left my team, i quit the game altogether. It was surprisingly easy. :blush:

I still read the forums though. :crazy_face: