My next book series


As many of you know i am the art teacher for computer design in the academy, i write Sci-Fi and fantasy. Through my gaming and art i get ideas and story lines for writing. Last week i created a piece that took on a life of its own you see here. The story will be this,

My art has created a new character, a cyborg, lost and struggling between humanity and machine. A type of schizophrenia persay, but a struggle to find a life in a society that sees her difference in appearance and not her internal being.

She will be a scientist on the threshold of discovering the cure for a series of neurological disorders when an earthquake destroys most of her body and her research. The committee will sanction her rebuild in order to finish her research, some will do it for the profits of the drug coming out of the research and some on the committee will have a more philanthropic motive. One will be her husband.

This story is just an outline right now, but obviously she and i have a lot in common. Both of us must find a new identity and path in life changing experiences. I am intrigued by this character. The emotional journey i can take her in will be immense. Her husbands journey and her children. (This story is now Trademarked by me)

What will i do with her, well, those are ideas in my head, there are plenty. Another trilogy, no, but a series, yes.

I will finish my current trilogy this month. With self imposed deadlines and a goal to get to work on this story. I will do it. March or April i will start writing this story.

I hope this news excites you, it does me.


Sounds interesting! I’ll certainly give it a read when you get it done. Between getting my own finished that is. lol. Best of luck.


I wish you the best, and thank you


Sounds interesting. Let me know where to read it and I will get it


Another conceptual image of LOST.

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