My perch is gone!

With all the bugs in this new update, my bounty habor, my rune vault and, most importantly, my seagazer perch were… De-constructed it seems.

I can “build” new ones right there. I don’t really care about the bounty Habor or my rune vault (annoying but idc really), but the perch gone is game breaking!
It took quite long for me to get this shit to level 12 :see_no_evil:
Already sent in a ticket yesterday, but no answer and I do not want it to get missed. As I said, expensive…

Someone else in my team flagged the same issue.

I have the same problem. Had to speed up a build to get the rune vault and harbor up but yeah, the missing seagazer perch is upsetting.

I have same error… Seagazer Perch gone…

@Arelyna @PGCrisis So, is there any updates about this? I would really love to be able to acces my perch again…
Missing out on Research Speed and Construction Time bonus from my defensive Rider right now…

Hi Trindokor,

Already PM Arelyna. they are working on the case… Hope it can be fix ASAP…:cry:

Thanks for letting me know :+1:

does anyone have an answer from the support? my ticket is from 18.10 and there no one answers me.

Just made an update on this here:

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