My phone can’t open the application

Hi, I would like to inquire about my phone couldn’t open the application.

I have tried to reinstalled, reset or even clear the data of the phone but still doesn’t work.

Does anyone know what is happening ? Thanks

Obsolete phone? Since we just had an update?

Or another PG’s F’up, since that happens quite occasionally?

Did you send a ticket to them yet?

-you can do this by using without having to load into the game.

Edit: that address may not be right, so please confirm… somebody! XD

If you’re using an Android then that’s why a lot of people including myself can’t load the game up cause the games new update combined with Android’s new update screwed up the game

Moto g6?

yup i got the exact same phone we’re basically screwed until they randomly fix

I use android I haven’t had any problems with updates on the game

I have android and I have no problems opening the game

pretty sure it’s just Moto g6 on Android 9

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Ya, it is and it’s ridiculous they haven’t found a fix for it yet. smh

Just updated my Moto G6 and the app no longer works…

It’s right

I’m locked out, too. Reinstalled, restarted device. My game has been screwed up for 2 weeks, but now I can’t even get in. Android.

Im having the same problem

Comprei um novo smartphone Motorola G7 play abaixei o jogo mas ele fecha sozinho quando chega a 50% já fiz de tudo pra rodar e não tem jeito. No meu Motorola G5 continua abrindo normal até desinstalei e instalei dinovo para testar se iria da o mesmo problema mas abriu normal.

I can’t speak the language, but from what I understand the same thing happens to the more recent Motorola G7 too…

That’s what I believe as well since mine crashes at 50% as well :roll_eyes:

English version
I bought a new smartphone Motorola G7 play I lowered the game but it closes alone when it reaches 50% already did everything to run and there is no way. On my Motorola G5 it keeps opening normal until I uninstalled and installed dinovo to test if it would give the same problem but it opened normal.

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So far there is no solution except playing on a different device.

Até agora não há solução. Exceto jogar em um dispositivo diferente.


I’ve been waiting for a solution for over a month on this issue. I don’t understand how it can’t be fixed by now!! I don’t have the $$$ to just go out and buy a different device. No clue if they’re even working on it all I get is they are aware of the issue.

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No solution in this new update either :roll_eyes: