My primarch is lvl0?

when i try to move my primarch

when i try to upgrade my primarch

I can’t do anything cos my primarch is lvl0…
I have opened a ticket, but pg can’t help me.

@pgEcho @PGJared @Arelyna @PGDave

We ran into this issue the last iteration of the event where if you killed off all your troops when attacking a kingpin then the primarch got stuck in limbo somewhere and couldn’t be summoned.

Is that what happened here?

This happened to be but it allowed me to attack the poacher again, after that it simply died.

i can’t attack kingpin

My requeest #1113325

@pgEcho @PGJared @Arelyna @PGDave

Is there any way you can summon your second primarch and hit from that one? You have two slots unlocked it looks like so I assume two primarchs researched

No, i can’t. game will crash.
And i can’t find my primarch on the map.

I opened tickets, then got reply that they can’t do anything too…lmao

@PGJared i still can’t play the atlas

I still can’t do anything since my team was granted access to Atlas on 4/9.

After PG asked my situation, then they are ignoring me and don’t reply me now.

@pgEcho @PGJared @Arelyna @PGDave

Welcome to the wonderful world of Atlas?

There are bugs, stuff doesn’t work, other stuff seems drastically unfair. Don’t say i didn’t try to warn you guys :man_shrugging:


I have the same problem, but it happened right when I start Atlas and PG still hasn’t been able to fix.

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