My Rider ain't growing, my troops be dying

Okay it’s been a few days since this bug occurred? So when you use your dragon that has the rider you should obtain glory if you killed troops. However since the day the bugged happen till now, the glory still ain’t increasing :frowning: help us gain our glory for our riders.

Please do help us fix this issue :smile:
Thank you :heart: :smiley:

@pgEcho @PGJared

I’m in the same spot and it’s frustrating.

4 threads discussing this now

Yup because it isn’t solved yet and the previous thread is no longer on the top few of the list where topics are being spoken about that affect a large amount of players or will affect a large amount of players :smile:

I understand it’s annoying but hey at least we say it out I believe it will be settled soon. On another hands we can have fun in the game and prep for the upcoming fight pit event :smiley:

4 threads are diluting the activity is what I am getting at which is part of the reason it wont stay towards the top. It would be nice to fix it so I could resume atlas pvp activity.

Let’s hope it get fixed then. In the mean time the pg team will be looking into it since atlas is a big part of the game when more league is being brought in, in future :smile:

Do not create duplicate threads in the hope a of being seen. Just reply to the thread you have been and open a support ticket.