My suggestion after thinking about those

I strongly suggest PG to change/improve those drops from silver chests as it is too boooooooooooooored seeing the same useless runes from silver chests. We never get a good drop from silver chests until/unless we open some couple 100’s of chests. So far bronze chests are much useful than silver chests​:triumph::rage:. Not only runes in silver chests also included those rune dust drops it is a big trash expecting to get much dust from silver chests. I myself could only get some 3 or 4 legendary runes from silver chests after opening around 500 silver chests. That’s too weird it says one may get a epic or a legendary rune once opening 30 chests. Although super runic chests are available for some days during a season they are not available as silver chests are dumped into our accounts silver chests are available during the claim of divine dragons branch and also a heavy amount of prizes in equestor branch. But we need to purchase those super runic chests they are not available for earning them as a prize or exchanging them for sigils at least during not even a limited time branch while those chests are available :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::cold_sweat::scream:.

My final in tension is that PG must improve those rune and rune dust drops from silver chests and also make super runic chests available for players to get them instead of wasting their rubies in high amounts for getting one or none best runes from them.

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:triumph: that wasn’t added in post

Super runic chests are a waste too though. Atleast silver chests are a ‘free’ waste that you can be smart about using the sequence.

Edit: But I agree that we need better runes, PG said they were going to work on it, but we never got an update


Either that. Or they should make getting silver chests an easier task ,like @StereoBunny suggested ,maybe add them to atlas prizes ?
Since all platinum teams now have atlas anyway, why not this

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Well dont know if PG hear us yet … Silver chest drop rates low and runic chests are trap, thats what i know after spend 3 year in this game …

Many of us have not even 1 mytic ammo, aaaaaand with this system looks its not change :blush:
Wish employe found a smart solition as soon as possible because many mytic hunter kinda weak without some specific runes.
Its like you have a sport car but no drive lisance :heart:

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I started saving. Im at 100 chests now ,only three more seasons of saving to go ,excluding the current one , to finally get one mythic ammo rune :grin:
Edit : instead of ryuu ,it would be nice if we got 1 silver chest for killing 20 -30 dragons on our base every now and then, outside of atlas and inside atlas
Again , not always so people wont exploit it with multiple alts

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Adding more silvers to prizing will not result in the same prize structure that you are wanting to add them to so basically if you ask for more silver you will
See less tokens or rubies or golds pg will not simply add silvers. :man_shrugging:

If we want better silvers pg will eventually when pressed add more viable runes but they will also increase the silver drop pattern to accommodate them!

So then you’d be getting even more trash runes only for the chance of getting a slightly better rune selection.
Same goes for dust so if they add more dust to silvers they will simply add it and make the sequence even longer!
So by asking for better drop composition you will be effectively lowering the value of drop rate :man_shrugging:
Heres and idea bracket drop by density then we will see a increase in the value of activity and chest hunting and with a increase in drop density the silver chest contents can be improved!
Because if your active and density has improved the value of your time the longer sequence that comes along with better runes and more dust would balance out :man_shrugging:

We don’t need more dust and better runes!
What we need is drop to be bracketed by density then we need them to improve composition and until we see a improvement in drop density this request will only
Results in watering down drop and devaluing activity :man_shrugging:

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Genuine question - do you know how silver chests work? Or well, chests in general? There would be no sequential issues whatsoever if dust value per drop was increased. There’d also be no sequential issues if PG subbed the outdated runes for better runes rather than outright ‘added’ stuff.

Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but if this was executed right, there would be no dilution issues whatsoever with silvers.


Not much frankly

But they won’t improve composition with out making the sequence longer :man_shrugging:

Well. What they CAN do and what they WOULD do are completely different matters - which one are we talking about here?


Yup, they need to test rhe patitente

What they have always done

So I assume the ‘what they would do’ category. In that case, fair - nothing for me to really argue here then other than ‘listen to feedback more’. But I have plenty to say about the ‘what they can do’ category.


Man I’ll grab my Pom poms and meet you on the field :rofl:
Swear to all that’s holy the true issue lies in drop density improve that and then we can add the missing contents and improve the dust value :facepunch: without impacting the rate of drop all 3 rate composition and density could use a slight adjustment up
drop density is something that will improve drop without throwing the economy out of whack :sunglasses:allowing the composition to be improved without watering down drop :+1:
The end result to improving density will be to allow a improvement in composition while not massively effecting the rate of drop which will not cause the economy to become even more imbalanced :man_shrugging:That’s why we can’t simply improve drop rate we need them to improve drop density :+1:

yes they need to improve those silver chests

A better suggestion would be for PG to update the silver chest contents. New spells are coming out each season and no new runes or glyphs to complement these spells.

Also, I would like to see more glyphs in the chests. All seasonal dragons already come with 2 runes and a glyph, leaving 2 glyph slots to fill.

This will only water down silvers drop composition :man_shrugging:And will make silvers even more worthless!
So yep they will add more glyphs you want but to get them you would need to open twice as many silvers and they will be filled with even more crappy runes making your chances of getting the glyphs you want even more expensive! :man_shrugging:

Can’t increase composition of drop until they improve drop rate or density or articulation or the points of drop but unless one of those 4 are improved your request will have the opposite effect :man_shrugging:
Let’s look very close at the factors of drop below shall we :nerd_face:

Rate or drop % - is the chance a monument will drop at all on a given run its currently at 10%-12% depending on which event.:no_entry_sign:this is a very volatile factor and shouldn’t be adjusted as it will throw off balance rapidly!!

Drop density - this is the number of chests that drop per monument currently its set at 1 bronze/silver/ gold chest per monument and has been since the game started!

Drop articulation - articulation of drop is what kind of chests will drop from any given monument currently the articulation for a gold chest is 400/1 per pg
Silver is 200/1 and bronze is capped at 1-5 per run max.

The points of drop - This is how many possible drop points per run there are available it’s currently 7 for core bases and 5 for invader runs !

Yes 5 for invader because pg has the last two monuments on invader turned off! yes turned off! Lol
( This is the most impactful factor and will be the last thing pg changes as it would drastically throw off drop even more so than adjusting drop rate! )

No the last 2 monuments are not broken or glitched like players think and the invader run wouldn’t drop worth a crap if they were turned back on!

If you are curious as to why contact me in game as going into the actual rules of drop here would take far to much time and would be off topic and when posted they tend to get changed shortly afterwards and I’m not in the mood to re test drop again for the 3rd time :rofl:


It will not have the results you are seeking we need density rate or more drop points added and then and only then would a increase in composition be acceptable!
Thx for reading :sunglasses::facepunch:

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It seems that there was a misunderstanding. I want newer runes and glyphs to complement the newer spells and tower. I have little to no need for the current offerings in the silver chests. With additional options there will at least be something to look forward to.

True the percentages for pulling a specific item will decrease, but as it stands 100% of garbage is still garbage. I would be more than happy to accept the additional costs in chest to end up with something that I find useful.

@PGGalileo Please see if this can be put on the agenda.

Issue: the contents of the silver chests are outdated

Solution: need to add new runes/glyphs that reflect the new towers/spells


BTW, did you mark your comment as a Solution. Pretty presumptuous considering you did not seem to understand my point.

Any increase in drop density would be nice, but not a real be concern for me.