My take on Atlas

I have only been playing a little over a year, but I have been playing computer games since 1984.

This is what I’ve noticed about Atlas.
Atlas, as it currently stands, is a waste of time.
A level 450+ moves in and snipes 200-350 level players. I don’t know how much glory they get, but it must be worth doing since they do it 4-5 times a day. It becomes a problem when people can’t heal troops as fast as they get hit.
Mostly Atlas is used for leveling dragons, collecting gold for leveling prims and building troops. I haven’t seen many serious attempts to take a castle (in the league I’m in).


  1. Fix the glory. There shouldn’t be any glory for hitting anyone more than 25 levels or so below the attacker’s level. That would put an end to most sniping.
  2. Fix the reverse function in the prim troop menu so players can control the number of troops on a prim.
  3. Make Atlas attacks like in the Temple Raid where only the legacy dragons can be used or people fly the prims. Cut out the use of season dragons.
  4. Fix glory. I don’t know about most players, but I don’t use the basic red or blue (I personally don’t have any blue shard riders) shard or even the one Atlas rider I have on a my big dragons. Makes it hard to level riders for the Atlas event if the shard riders are never used.
    I did use the defense rider on a perch, but she is maxed out already.
  5. If Atlas is to be used, make it the game rather than the game now where we hit for resources. Two different games doesn’t make sense.

both those sound good, not sure about the rest though


It’s true that sniping really annoying to deal with, they tend to attack people really weaker than them. I have experienced multiple attacks from people 490~ with end games tower on my 300~ base. Something need to fix that to make atlas somewhat more enjoyable.
However, 25 lv lower seems a bit too narrow. There’re 600+ bases in the game by that logic they can’t attack people lower than that with the same endgame tower, they will have much less target and will be at disadvantage in atlas. I would consider changing it into attacking people one tier up or below in atlas it will have a little less negative effect.

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Hard pass on pretty much all of this. Sounds like more anti-bullying jargon to me. It’s a war game, and not every battle will go your way.

Plus, you talk about there not being a lot of castle turnover but then suggest that people be restricted in who they can hit. Why would people bother trying if they won’t even get good glory out of an attempt?


Temple Raid does not limit dragons on lineage only. In fact many players left certain dragons at certain tiers to make it easier.

So you want harder method to level up riders? :thinking:

Not every team has it yet :expressionless:

Kinda weird hearing that Atlas Riders are never used.

  • Sophia and Anja is among the best riders for non invoker.
  • Crom is the best defensive riders atm. Adriel is a nice upgrade for Defender (good for discount)

The complaints is why folks must not reach sap tier to keep atlas because it is a free for all map and u are risking getting slammed by high players

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The only way to fix snipe hitting and make it ineffective is a simple solution. Attacks should be based on castles owned. If a team owns majority 4-5 castles, should only be able to attack teams of similar rank with those castles. Same if a teams owns mainly 4-3s they shouldn’t be able to attack teams with only few 3s and lvl 2s only. Rank shouldn’t be based of overall player lvl only. That was the dumbest change they ever made. Also a limit on how many teams a certain team can have passage on. I look at half the map. 50% of teams have same 5 teams on passage, to give them unlimited access to everyone whenever. How new players are supposed to survive in atlas with how things are setup is impossible and will be the overall collapse of game. No incentive or help to lower league teams. I see top 5 teams with only lvl 5s and 4s hitting at lvl 2. Constantly to keep everyone weak and never able to catch up or build up troops. As top teams had in beta only available to them, and have millions of troops. Y would they care to get 0% glory. It’s nothing to lose 2k Troops wipe out 15k of new player. The game is coming to end. No new players wanna even compete. As board is controlled by only few teams. Look at team player based rank. Then look at overall atlas of rank from castles. It doesn’t match or line up.


Also yes we know their are 600s, plenty of them actually. How would this disadvantage them to have to attack similar lvl? Yes a 480 can have max towers, but how many? Compared to how many a 600 would have? :man_facepalming:, But like I said the issue is really the amount of 500 and 600s that are attacking low ranked teams already, for low to no glory. With no real disadvantage, yes no glory for 2k Troop lost at 90% revive rate, while Troop loss for the hard working lvl 300 losing 15k at guaranteed 60% revive rate as , 600 is guaranteed to breeze it, But how much does that affect their troops, compared to people they hitting with no chance. With only choice is to sit and watch it happen. Absolutely 0, y it’s been, an issue and we’re discussing here. Like I said these bully tactics, and PG’s lack of caring to doing anything about it .Or regulate better, Is why loads have quit already. Plus the real reason most are losing interest. We can just go play COD mobile or countless other actually free team games, At least It is a fair team game based on skill and teamwork. Plus it’s free, :rofl: no bullies, and overall way more entertaining. As one small group of teams doesn’t run the game. The game is ending, because of the lack of restrictions on biggest teams and players. That have nothing to lose besides all their money, after the rest of us getting tired of their spending habits ruining our game. Along with PG messing up mythic dragons they won’t fix, in game issues weekly. Just my thoughts, quit spending and come join me on free, bully free game. PG cares nothing about us. Only the ones paying their paychecks :grin:


Snipe the sniper, stop complain :roll_eyes:


They hit people 100 lv below them, how are you suppose to kill them before they kill that small base.


Why is he hitting you? Think :thinking:

It’s not like that I don’t agree with your sentiments about hitting down but there are few more stuff which cause this issue


How can a platinum team snipe. A D1 team? On their own castle? Like I said it cost lvl 25 silver 2 sieger, 2k troops to a person will 1 million plus, to kill 15k of someone with 100k troops. Diamond gets no glory, but only loses 2k at 90% revive rate. Platinum get 15k killed at 60% revive rate as even with 3 defenders. It’s not going to take more than 1 dragon. I see this practically daily. Their reason :man_shrugging:. Make sure no one can catch up to them. Who knows their bullies. Also the reason there a a million empty lvl 4s across map. Game is broken, players are leaving for more fair team based games. That don’t let a few control everything.


Atlas sniping is stupid; it rewards bullies at current form.
I suggest PG rework the whole glory/ troop loss mechanism. The attacker and defenders should lose similar troops and gain similar glory regardless battle outcomes.

If attacker wins: max troop killed = 150% of troop lost
If attacker loses: max troop killed = 50% of troop lost.

Winner will still have advantage, but no more 2k troop loss with 15k troop killed.


The new Atlas changes have sure made it worse. Not sure about others with access castles but know I have seen ours and a friends getting hit twice as hard. I ask about this when changes were made and never got a reply. The new changes have just made it worse not better.

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Obviously that is not sustainable, so the response will be for teams to only hold access castles they can defend with 20 Primes at 4k troops each.

…as should have been learned from the defensive revive changes, the more mechanics are changed in favor of attackers, the less high value targets will be found.

What I don’t get is they said they were not in favor of changes for snipers, yet they introduced a new measure which made it even more so in favor of snipers


If this is what happens, it will make sniping less profitable. However, it also makes it harder for everyone to get Glory.

There needs to be more incentive for people to put 15k+ troops on their Primes along with this change.

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There also needs to be more benefits to defending


Where are people getting this 60% revive rate from. I’m pretty sure minimum revive rate is 70%

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I know it’s a war game. Let’s not be silly.
The point of trying to restrict people hitting is to limit the glory to zero for sniping bases much lower than themselves.
Not much fun when you’re level 300 and a 400 walks all over you. Then you take into account bases are scaled for the legacy breeding dragons, not the season or mythic dragons.
Atlas, as it stands, is not fun. It is used for leveling dragons and doing stuff for the events in order to be able to craft better gear.