My teammates cant see my attack invite

This day im planning to help one of my teammate to do lumber runs, but everytime he ask to invite him in attacking I can’t see the notification, I thought it was only my connection but now Im the one who’s asking invite in attack but my teammate saids its rejecting the invite! What happen?! Ugh! I lost my free xp of my dragons this time.

Oh no! That doesn’t sound good at all! If you have not already, please contact support

Help me please :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::confounded:

So, this used to happen quite a bit for me. The solution was always to restart the game when notifications stopped showing. It hasn’t happened to me in a quite a while, but try that as a work-around.

Now the app just randomly crashes when I offer to back. Particularly “enjoyable” when it’s during a war run.


Did you installed the latest Update?
May be you need to install the app again, but be sure that you registered with your login data

Kind regards

I always did

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