My war attack wasn't registered



Hi I earned 5 flames in yesterday’s war. I attacked approximately 2 hours before the end of the war then logged off. My 5 flames would have made the war a win for my team.

It was a war with my team BendYourKnees against DraakLegends on 23 August 2018.


That usually happens if someone else attacked that player at the same time you did. You can check the player and see if someone else on your teams name is next to theirs. Always check that your war registered after an attack.


Always check your attack registered before you log off :hugs:


So many things wrong with this post: didn’t spend all night defending, waited till 2 hours left in the war thus giving his team an anxiety attack, only popped on to do his War attack, and probably didn’t call his target :man_shrugging:t3:



The replies of people here are true that there is some diligence required in checking that your war hit registered. If it was a double hit (another teammate hit) then that’s probably an area of improvement in doing your wars. If you were the only one who hit but it did not register, it’s just sad that the diligence I mentioned is required because the expectation is it should register and that we should not audit ourselves for every action we do in game.

With that said, here’s an example which happened just yesterday where the war did not register (even normal attacks will count as war hits if attacker has no flames yet and target hasn’t been 5 flame-d), has been acknowledged by CS that a war hit has indeed been made, but we were asked to wait an hour (it never registered BTW even after several hours) or to hit again (which we did eventually and was another defense point).

Bottomline, nothing is perfect but the game has far too many broken things. You’ll only be happy playing if you’re willing to sacrifice (a lot IMO) and to accept that some things don’t go the way they’re supposed to. But also to push for positive changes and improvement.


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