Mysterious blank ledger items + no summary of infrastructure points

@PGDave @PGEggToken Android display issue and not just my device this time -

Immediately after 4.00, this wasn’t an issue, then I noticed that the summary page no longer totals infrastructure points. I’m not sure if this was before or after the more obvious daily egg token payout was added.


A teammate who doesn’t have the purple doom issue also noted that various ledger lines would be missing our teammate’s name. On iOS, there were NOT (edited) ledger lines missing teammate names.

Thanks for the ledger screenshot. Which castle were you looking at? We’ll look into it, but being able to look at the same ledger entries you are looking at should help speed up the fix.

When I look at your Fort ownership bonus by tapping on your home continents --> manage --> bonuses --> fort then the current fort points shows up fine for me. Are you still seeing this? Do you see it only on some castles or all of the castles your team owns (you don’t have to try them all, but I’m most curious if you see this on your home castle and some other castle too)?

we are getting the same, in fact one of our major areas’ castles show up as 0 points, but its a level 3

The bonus issue is across all of them; the ledger issue is most noticeable on the most active one. I sent a PM with images (couple pages, so didn’t want to bomb this thread :sweat_smile:).

Thanks for bringing this up Sci. It really was a problem when i was recording donation results for my team this week. There were 13 missing ledger names on that one castle (but all of the others we own were find and showed).

I wasn’t sure if:

  • it was an android issue (iOS person got me proper results and it all appeared)
  • it’s because we had so much activity on that one main fort we have (all donations go there)
  • it’s because people left/joined during that time if we had an alt swap out (but would still not take care of the issue)
  • I just became an officer and my screen wasn’t showing anything before that switch over

So any help on this would make it easier on my teammates who i’d have to rely on to get screenshots immediately before the weekly reset

Infrastructure points should show up now!


They’re showing up again :smiley:

It looks like the totals are flooring on the first decimal point. Is that just for the display, or will it matter for reaching the next bonus tier too (hypothetical 139.5/140 would need another upgrade)? Finishing a calculator tool for planning :see_no_evil:

The rounding is only in the UI. Fractional numbers are used when deciding whether a buff has been earned (however all thresholds for new prizes are whole numbers, e.g., 33.9 / 34.0).

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